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WordClock Made With a Single LED Strip

Hello everyone.
I’d like to show you a WordClock I made with a single LED strip.
An ESP32 and an LED strip are the only electric parts of this WordClock. It adjusts the time automatically using NTP. The web interface allows you to modify settings like the time zone and color scheme.
Please try it out.


3D print parts

- LED_Frame.stl

2D print parts

- WordClock_Face.pdf
- WordClock_Panel.pdf

Picture frame

- A picture frame with a minimum square measurement of 200 mm is needed. The shape does not have to be square, letter or A4 size can also be used. It’s also a smart idea to use the SHIKISHI size in Japan.


- 1x ESP32 MH-ET LIVE Mini (Other model of ESP32 can also be used)
- 109x WS2812B LED strip (Non-Waterproof 60 LEDs/m)
- 1x USB cable, USB AC Adapter (2A up)


- 5x M2 screws, length 6mm with washer
- 1x Thin paper for the Clock face
- 1x Tracing paper or OHP sheet for mask the Clock face
- 1x Cardboard for the LED matrix panel (A4 size, thickness is 0.5 mm up)
- 1x Cardboard to fit in the picture frame (Size should match the picture frame, thickness is 1 mm up)”

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