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CRIUS Wireless Sound Reactive RGB LED PANEL (WS2812b)

The Crius Wireless RGB LED Panel is designed to be portable and wireless so it’s based on a DFRobot ESP32 IOT Development board (Firebeetle v4.0) that is equiped both with bluetooth and Wifi and also with an onboard battery charge circuit that lets me hook up a 2500 mAh lithium rechargable battery to it.

I designed the case with Autodesk FUSION360 and 3D printed it with my Ender 3 Pro using PLA filament.

- It is fully supported by the WLED APP (Led Strip Controller App for Android and iOS) so we can control the RGB LED Panel remotely over Wifi.
- It can also be controlled over Bluetooth with an Android App that I have created (iPhone NOT Supported YET).

Beside the Wireless control options

- we can use the knobs and buttons of the back panel and read the values (Brightness , Color Name , Effect Speed , Effect Name) on the 0.96” oled display.
- At the back panel there is a socket where we can screw different mount adapters.
- It has 2 indication leds for the Bluetooth connection status (On-Off).
- Bonus Feature is a sound sensor that makes it sound reactive to act as a Party Light for example.


- ESP32 IOT Development Board (Firebeetle v4.0) x1
- WS2812b LED Strip (60leds/m version) 1m
- Lithium Battery 3.7V 2500 mAh x1
- SSD1306 OLED Display x1
- MAX9814 Microphone Module
- Cherry MX type Mechanical Switches RED x2
- Keycaps x2
- Rotary Potentiometers 10k Linear x3
- Knobs x3
- On-Off Switch (3 Pins) x1
- Leds 3mm x2
- Micro USB Expnader Cable x1
- M3 Screws
- M2.5 Screws
- M2 Screws
- Resistors 220Ω x 2
- Resistors 330Ω x 2
- Female Jumper Wires
- 3D Printed Case


- Soldering Iron
- Solder Wire
- Wire Stripper
- Cutter
- Tweezers
- Screwdriver”

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