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This project uses a dual base shield, and ESP32 (D-Duino) (Display Duino that has a .96 OLED on board). The base shield has headers for the D-Duino, and 2 X-Project shields. It’s a unique way to combine both of the projects. I found the dual base shield, with a 4 pixel Neopixel LED x-project board (X-2812b), and a X-Battery charger.
You maybe able to find the individual components cheaper, but I thought if they all come in from one place, they should all get here at the same time, and the project could be completed quickly.
First a little background. I made a display badge with just a ESP8266 D-Duino (
Code for that project can be found here if you might be interested in something a little simpler
One of my friends saw it, and said, it would be cool to add some leds… I thought about it, and said, yeah and I’m not really taking advantage of the WIFI on board either - so why not do a cheerlights/name wifi badge.
I had already finished my 2017 Halloween Cheerlights Ghost (with much simpler hardware and software from my previous punkin cheerlights display the year before)……
I came across the dual base shield with a ESP32, and thought, that may even be better!
That’s the background into this project, lets get started…..”

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