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Faster big-data analysis

How a $10 Microchip Turns 2-D Ultrasound Machines to 3-D Imaging Devices V

3-D-printed device builds better nanofibers

Celtic Dragon Mosaic With Sound Activated LED-eye V

Cracking the code: This group of U of T computer science researchers are decoding ciphers with AI

Critter: 3D Printed Crawling Arduino Robot

Crowdsourcing big-data analysis

Devices made from 2D materials separate salts in seawater

DIY-Simple Water Level Indicator With Water Flow Signal for Just 50rs/1$ V

DIY Time Control Machine V

Homie BME280 - The Sensor

How to Control Any Arduino Projects Using Voice Recognition

How to Make Battery Charger at Home V


Just-in-time 3D implants set to transform tumour surgery

Learn How To Make Your Own Fingerprint Attendance System using Arduino Uno

Making fluorescent chips using an inkjet printer

Math Learning for Kids With ESP8266

Mosaic Glitter Ball With Color LEDs V

New Radio Telescope at Brookhaven Lab Sees Space in a Different Light

NuSTAR Probes Black Hole Jet Mystery

Ocean sound waves may reveal location of incoming objects

Raspberry Pi Bartop Arcade Cabinet V

Semi-automated Coffee Roaster V

Sienci Mill One Air/Oil Mist Coolant System

Solar Powered Weather Station V

SpaceX Aces Another Rocket Landing After Launching Korean Satellite

TerraControl V3.0 - ESP8266 + BLYNK

Alphabet looks to snowy Michigan to test self-driving cars

Arduino Wireless Combination Lock With NRF24L01 and 4 Digit 7 Segment Display

DIY EEG (and ECG) Circuit

DIY Portable Power Inverter (12v DC to 220v AC) V

Geo-location Using Only ESP8266 | Without GPS Module V

Let your car tell you what it needs

Saudi Arabia bestows citizenship on a robot named Sophia

Ultrasonic Sensor Based Water Level Indicator V


3D Printed Quadruped V

AMD Introduces New Ryzen Mobile Processors, the World’s Fastest Processor for Ultrathin Notebooks

ASPIR: Full-Size 3D-Printed Humanoid Robot

Certamen Quiz Practice Machine

Daimler Trucks launches E-FUSO and all-electric heavy-duty truck Vision One

Digital 3D-fabrication technology for nursing and healthcare

DIY 3D Printer: How to Make a 3D Printer That Anyone Can Do V

How to Build Arduino Weighing Scales

How to Make a PIC-Powered Gas Alarm

Microsoft Has Stopped Manufacturing The Kinect

New fractal-like concentrating solar power receivers are better at absorbing sunlight

New RoboBee flies, dives, swims, and explodes out the of water V

Ninja Dollar - LCD game V

Plant Waterer V

Purdue develops ‘intrachip’ micro-cooling system for high-performance radar, supercomputers

Raspberry Pi Zero W Car Controlled by Blynk

Researchers engineer CRISPR to edit single RNA letters in human cells

Responsive LED Backlight With Arduino and Python

Scientists detect comets outside our solar system

Smile Detection With Raspberry Pi Using Opencv and Python V

Sonic Bow Tie, by David B. Engen V

SSD1306 OLED Display Driver for BeagleBone

Taming “Wild” Electrons in Graphene

The MagPI 63

Yet Another Instructable on Using the DIYMall RFID-RC522 and Nokia LCD5110 With an Arduino

10 way Battery Condition Monitor

HPE Is Making Artificial Intelligence Accessible and Practical

Intel Enables 5G, NFV and Data Centers with High-Performance, High-Density ARM-based Intel Stratix 10 FPGA

Machine learning used to predict earthquakes in a lab setting

mbed OS 5.6.3 released

MIT students fortify concrete by adding recycled plastic

Research team led by NUS scientists breaks new ground in memory technology

Resistive memory components the computer industry can’t resist

Soap Bubble Machine V

UChicago chemists introduce novel method to separate isotopes

Universe shouldn’t exist, CERN physicists conclude

Arduino Cheap minimal parts digital clock

Editable Parametric Dense Foliage from 3D Capture V

“Lighten Up” - Deep Space Communications via Faraway Photons

NXP’s i.MX RT Crossover Processor Sets Highest Microcontroller Real-Time Benchmark Performance Yet

Particle Electron Carrier for Outdoor IoT Applications V

Tiny Wearable 8-bit VT100 Console

Turning a pinch of salt into an electrical switch

Writing a Bootloader

Additive manufacturing — a revolution in production engineering

Android Things Word Clock V

ATtiny85 Clock

Liquid metal breakthrough ushers new wave of electronics

Material could bring optical communication onto silicon chips

Physics Boosts Artificial Intelligence Methods

Quantum Computing: Breaking Through the 49 Qubit Simulation Barrier

Rendering the invisible visible

Replacing an Apple 2e Clone’s keyboard controller with an Arduino

Selective memory

Understanding how electrons turn to glass

Upgrade of TDA2005 Amplifier

Build a windmill-powered music box V

FruitNanny - RaspberryPI based Baby Monitor

PC-MOS/386 v5.01 final release including cdrom driver sources

Wemos D1 Mini WIFI Robot (MQTT & UDP) V

Arduino and NRF24L01

Arduino Based Autonomous Bot Using Ultrasonic Sensor V

Circuit Playground Express: Piano in the Key of Lime V

Cryptopuck: Encrypt on the fly V

DINternet IoT Controller

DIY Home Automation Internet/Cloud Controlled (MQTT, IoT, From Anywhere in the World) V

ESP8266 Weather & KVG Infoscreen

Linear Filtering Based on the Discrete Fourier Transform

New technology to dramatically speed up home broadband V

Orionid Meteor Shower

Setting up a Raspberry Pi as a WiFi access point

University of Michigan professor doubles 3D printing speeds using vibration-mitigating algorithm V

4*4*4 LED Cube V

IoT Energy Harvester using Cayenne V

Line Follower Basic Using Arduino Nano V

Linux Appliance Design

Stick, peel, or bounce: Controlling a freezing droplet’s fate

Ubuntu 17.10 releases with GNOME, Kubernetes 1.8 & minimal base images

AlphaGo Zero: Learning from scratch

Motion Detector With Blynk Notifications (WeMos D1 Mini + HC-SR04)

NASA Missions Catch First Light from a Gravitational-Wave Event V

New Software Speeds Origami Structure Designs V

Quantum Simulator: First Functioning Component

Real-Time Monitoring Dice’s State on Webpage V

RGB Neural Net

Samsung Introduces New ARTIK™ Secure IoT Modules and Security Services to Deliver Comprehensive Device-to-Cloud Protection for IoT

Scientists Develop Machine-Learning Method to Predict the Behavior of Molecules

This nanoelectronics breakthrough could lead to more efficient quantum devices

UltraSonic Proximity Alarm

A miniature laser-like device for surface plasmons

Bridging the terahertz gap

How to Make a Solar Panel Tracking System

Long nanotubes make strong fibers

Nanoantenna arrays power a new generation of fluorescence-based sensors

Plasma optic combines lasers into superbeam V

Small Variable Power Supply

Snow removal on airfields: Automated Mercedes-Benz Arocs trucks clear the way V

Testing in the Australian skies V

The Air Piano v2

Visioneer V

3D Printed 18DOF Hexapod V

Digital Clock With Mirrored Display Driven by Accelerometers V

Dubai Police unveil flying bike, robotic vehicles V

Forget about it V

GLO: IoT Smart Light V

In a first for wearable optics, researchers develop stretchy fiber to capture body motion

In historic observation, astronomers detect colliding neutron stars for the first time V

NUS researchers develop 4-in-1 smart utilities plant custom-made for tropical climate

PHPoC - Control Pan-Tilt via Hand Gesture V

SEB the Arduino Guide Bot

Spike Aerospace’s Supersonic Design Being Validated in Test Flights

Archelon ROV

Customizable measuring cups (OpenSCAD)

Remote Arduino Control with Telegram Bot V

The world’s first “negative emissions” plant has begun operation—turning carbon dioxide into stone

Tiangong-1: Chinese space station will crash to Earth within months

Western Digital Unveils Next-generation Technology To Preserve And Access The Next Decade Of Big Data

An Introduction to Statistical Learning with Applications in R

Biodegradable electronics

Book Safe With Hidden Magnet Lock V

Connect LinkIt 7688(Duo) to QNAP NAS via QIoT Suite Lite

PICAXE - Programmable Automatic Plant Watering Device V

Richard Branson’s Virgin Group invests in Hyperloop One

SimpleSumo- Educational Fighting Robots! V

Singapore’s first robot masseuse EMMA starts work

Team developing imaging upgrade for robotic surgery

A Stanford battery based on sodium may offer more cost-effective storage than lithium

Arduino Controlled Piano Robot: PiBot V

Be Among The First To Try The Arduino IDE 1.9 Beta

Ceramic Pump Moves Molten Metal at a Record 1,400 Degrees Celsius

DIY LED Video Panel || Dimmable and Color Temperature Adjust V

FAST telescope finds pulsars during trial operation

How to Make a Simple Mini RGB LED Strip V

Light Following Robot V

Multitasking FreeRTOS for Arduino V

Reimagining Hydrogen: A Small Molecule With Large-Scale Ideas

Speaking Alarm Clock V

TERES-I Do It Yourself Open Source Laptop update

Arduino Wave Generator Tank V

Asteroid 2012 TC4 to pass ‘damn close’ to Earth tomorrow testing our space defences - but how prepared are we for a strike?

ESP8266 Based Wi-Fi Controlled Bot With a Smartphone V

Future smartwatches could sense hand movement using ultrasound imaging V

How to Use PIC Messaging Protocols to Increase Data Transfer Reliability

Introduction to Voice Recognition With Elechouse V3 and Arduino. V

Making renewable power more viable for the grid

mbed OS 5.6.2 released

newelectronics de 10 Outubro 2017

NVIDIA Announces World’s First AI Computer to Make Robotaxis a Reality

Raspberry Pi Thermal Camera V

Samsung’s New Image Sensors Bring Fast and Slim Attributes to Mobile and IoT Applications

Smart Plug V

A zero-index waveguide

An algorithm for your blind spot V

Arduino 8-bit sound generation

Controlling Appliances From Smartphone V

Deutsche Post DHL Group Selects NVIDIA DRIVE PX for Autonomous Delivery Truck Fleet

Environmental Monitoring Rover V

Homemade 3 in 1 Multipurpose Workbench: Table Saw, Router Table and Inverted Jigsaw (Free Plans) V

Intel Accelerates Development of Artificial Intelligence Solutions with Open Neural Network Exchange Support

Intel Delivers 17-Qubit Superconducting Chip with Advanced Packaging to QuTech V

LLNL scientists stick to a new efficient magnet

Lockheed Martin Completes First Flexible Solar Array for LM 2100 Satellite

MappyDot Distance Measurement Badge

Remote Controlled + Solar Powered Watering System

Voice Controlled Locking System

Arduino Uno - HX711 Digital Weight Scale V

Automatic Hall Effect Switch V

Building Better Biomaterials V

Connecting the dots V

ESP8266 Solar Weather Station

Paper-Based Supercapacitor Uses Metal Nanoparticles to Boost Energy Density

Quiz Game Show Buzzer V

Readings in Database Systems, 5th Edition

Sensitivity to Time Improves Performance at Remotely Controlling Devices

Simple RC Car (Arduino Nano + HC-05)

SpaceX Launches 10 New Iridium Satellites, Sticks Rocket Landing

Upgrade Your $3 Bluetooth Module to Have HID Firmware V

Alphabet Closer To Using Balloons For Telecom In Puerto Rico

Breaking Coulomb’s law: Scientists find a way around the rule that ‘opposites attract’

CoreXY CNC Plotter

Deauthentication Detector And Count Packets With ESP8266

Deauthentication with ESP8266

Electric Wooden Drink Dispenser V

ESP32/X-Project Cheerlight Badge Using MQTT V

IoT Mouse-Friendly Live Trap V

Laser Piano DIY V

Modulus Gear Customizer

New test opens path for better 2-D catalysts

SEBi: Smart Electric Bin V

Snake Game With Arduino V

Solar Tracker V

UMass Amherst Chemical Engineers Develop Green, Non-Toxic Nanofiber Fabrics for a Wide Range of Uses

20 PIN PIC Development Board

An Edible Actuator for Ingestible Robots V

Bee Olfactory Conditioning Apparatus V

Candy Dispenser V

Deep learning on the Raspberry Pi with OpenCV

Drunky Dumbo V

Integrating data to learn more

Knight Rider - KITT Scanner Featuring NeoPixels V

New data structure allows rapid tracking and policing of network data

Plant Pot Lid

Robotic bugs train insects to be helpers

Robotics and Automation Shrinked With BABYDUINO V

Roobert - A raspberry pi and roomba robot

Simple IoT Remote Switch With MQTT and ESP8266 V

Spacewalkers Wrap Up Robotic Arm Work

Temperature Sensor Using Lm35 and Atmega 16 in C

The light at the end of electronics’ dark tunnel is… photonics

Warning: This Algorithm Will Self-Destruct After It’s Used

WiFi Connected Clock With Westminster Chimes V

3D Printed Linear Motion V

Arduino Announces ARM Partnership

BrailleBox - Braille News Reader V

Customizable Measuring Cylinder

Google Clips Captures and Curates Life’s Meaningful Moments Autonomously with Intel’s Movidius VPU Inside

How to Make an Automatic Coffee Pod Dispenser With Arduino V

Multiplication puzzle V2

Nematoduino V

NXP® Unveils Highest Performance Layerscape® Networking and Data Center Offload System-on-Chip Solution

Remote Control Countdown Timer Via Arduino

SiFive Launches First RISC-V Based CPU Core with Linux Support

SpaceX unveils Mars city plan, will fly two cargo missions by 2022

TSMC is building ‘world’s first’ 3nm fab in Taiwan

Tungsten Offers Nano-Interconnects a Path of Least Resistance

60 years ago, Sputnik shocked the world and started the space race

A Sea of Spinning Electrons

Arduino Audio Reactive Desk Light

Bringing Superconducting Single-photon Detectors In From The Cold

Bristol scientists pinpoint the singularity for quantum computers

Code Quality Research: Functional Languages Beat Procedural/Object-Oriented

Fast-moving magnetic particles could enable new form of data storage

Memristors To Make Computers Faster, Smaller And More Efficient

newelectronics de 26 Setembro 2017

Raspireader: Build Your Own Fingerprint Reader

Refrigerator Checker

Scientists make atoms-thick Post-It notes for solar cells and circuits

Straining the memory: Prototype strain engineered materials are the future of data storage

Superconductivity found in thin films of titanium oxide

The global quantum race is on

Two intelligent vehicles are better than one V

Android Home Automation Using Arduino and Android Application. V

Arduino Strain Relief Enclosure V

Clockwork Goggles

ESP32 Deep-Sleep V

ESP8266 Light Level Monitor V

Good vibrations for the future of computing

How to Make a Digital Table Tennis Game

IBoard! Web-controlled Whiteboard V

Mod My Pirate Radio

Read-Only Raspberry Pi

Simple Arduino based digital clock

Software Developed at Brookhaven Lab Could Advance Synchrotron Science Worldwide

Süßigkeitenautomat - Candy Vending Machine V

Turtle 2WD Robot

Using elastomer films to generate electricity

6WD PiZero W Robot With Darkwater 640 Motor Controller

Arduino Based Pulse Induction Detector

Arduino IDE 1.8.5: Hotfix For MacOs High Sierra Users

Arduino VGA Console With Five Games

Auto Ultrasonic Car V

Compact Regulated PSU - Power Supply Unit

Developing new magnetic device materials

DIY Explorer Probe for Rockets with DHT11 and an ESP8266

How to Add WiFi Control to Any Project || ESP32 Beginner’s Guide V

IR LED Controller V

Laser CNC Machine V

mbed OS 5.6.1 released

MIDI Controller With Arduino (for DJ or Musician) V

PSoC 4: The Auto Ranging DRCC Meter V

Remote Robot Using Android V

Team builds flexible new platform for high-performance electronics

Alarm Clock Using the RTC of the Arduino 101 V

Arduino Live Wifi Web Scoreboard

Arduino Scale With 5kg Load Cell and HX711 Amplifier

Digital Tilt Sensor (Arduino Compatible)

DIY 3D Printed Laser Engraver With Approx. 38x29cm Engraving Area V

DIY Arduino CNC Machine

ESP8266 Wifi Thermostat for Freezer

How to Make Line Follower Robot V

How to Play Flappy Bird on Your Touch Board

How to Use NRF24L01+ Module

Miniature MZ-80K

Servo Sequencer