MappyDot Distance Measurement Badge

A standalone wearable badge that will show people how far away they are so they don’t accidentally run into you.
This project will show you how to create a standalone application with the MappyDot working as an I2C master with an I2C 7 segment display. This example can also be adapted for use with a wide range of different client I2C devices for standalone applications.

First you want to put the 7 segment display together. The instructions over at Adafruit cover this really well - While this project uses the Adafruit I2C 7 segment display, any other I2C based display should work with some minor code modification.

Once you have assembled the 7 segment display, you can now hook everything up as per the schematics below. Provided your battery supply outputs a voltage between 2.8 and 5 volts, you don’t need to use a voltage regulator to supply this project. Using 4xAA 1.2v rechargable NiMH batteries is perfect for this setup. If using 1.5V alkaline batteries, you should consider using a voltage regulator or opt for only 3xAA alkaline batteries.”


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