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SubscriberBoard is a four-digit, seven-segment display scaled up to a size that makes it perfect for wall art! It connects to a Home Assistant home automation server and can show whatever four-digit numbers that server can send via MQTT. I have it set up to cycle between the time, the current temperature, and the number of subscribers on my YouTube channel (hence the name).

I decided to do this project after I saw that Instructables was having a woodworking contest. I used to own a fabrication business with a big workshop and my first thought was “I wish I still had that shop so I could participate in the contest!” But then I realized that this would be the perfect opportunity to demonstrate what you can achieve, even when you live in a tiny one-bedroom condo like I do.

I think SubscriberBoard looks awesome and it was built entirely indoors—no garage, yard, or workshop necessary!

- ESP32 dev board
- WS2812B LEDs
- Basswood sheets
- Wood stain
- Wood glue
- M3 heat-set inserts and screws
- 3D printer filament”

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