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Inter­act­ing polarons

Major milestone achieved in new quantum computing architecture

MCP23008 Breakout

Microchip Showcases Expanded RISC-V-Based Solutions, Partnerships and System Design Tools

NASA’s Voyager Team Focuses on Software Patch, Thrusters

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NIST Team Develops Highest-Resolution Single-Photon Superconducting Camera

Plant-based isn’t just about burgers anymore V

Renesas Develops Cost-Effective, Highly Accurate and Robust Induction Motor Position Sensing Technology

Rocks may hold key to storing intermittent renewable energy, expanding its use

Scientists Discover Molten Layer Covering Martian Core

Shape-shifting fiber can produce morphing fabrics V

Soft optical fibers block pain while moving and stretching with the body

STMicroelectronics protects and powers Ellipse’s industry-leading battery-free dynamic card-verification micromodules for payment cards

Using sound to test devices, control qubits

A miniature magnetic resonance imager made of diamond

Amazon pledges parcels in an hour using drone deliveries

AMD Introduces New AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000 Series Processors and Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7000 WX-Series Processors for the Ultimate Workstation


Building a Health Guard System for Remote Health Monitoring

Chinese satellite company tests data transfer to ground station mounted on vehicle

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LoRaWAN Based TinyML Snake Recognition System

MIT design would harness 40 percent of the sun’s heat to produce clean hydrogen fuel

Neopixel Fiber Optic Pumpkin or Jack O’Latern With Raspberry Pi Pico

New Map of Space Precisely Measures Nearly 400,000 Nearby Galaxies

New polymer membranes, AI predictions could dramatically reduce energy, water use in oil refining

New recipe for efficient, environmentally friendly battery recycling

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PCB Hotplate V3

Photonic crystals bend light as though it were under the influence of gravity

Project Silica V

Revolutionizing energy storage: Metal nanoclusters for stable lithium—sulfur batteries V

Scientists propose super-bright light sources powered by quasiparticles

Smart Compass

Soldering Air Filter V

Spark Analyzer

STMicroelectronics reveals high-accuracy, medium-voltage op amps for industrial and automotive sensor signal conditioning

The MagPi 134

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Toshiba Launches Small Photorelay Suitable for High-Frequency Signal Switches in Semiconductor Testers

Wearable device makes memories and powers up with the flex of a finger

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Making your first ISP Programmer

Micron Delivers High-Speed 7,200MT/s DDR5 Memory Using 1β Technology

NASA’s Webb Captures an Ethereal View of NGC 346

New 32-bit MCU Features an Embedded Hardware Security Module to Safeguard Industrial and Consumer Applications

New Concept Quantum Computer with ‘Electron Spin Qubits’ developed

New cyber algorithm shuts down malicious robotic attack

New easy-to-use optical chip can self-configure to perform various functions

Nordic announces nRF54L Series, expanding industry’s most efficient Bluetooth LE portfolio

Physicists coax superconductivity and more from quasicrystals

Play Audio from SPI Flash with a Microcontroller

Portable Arduino FM-Radio V

Real World Driving Simulator For Any Game & Physical Vehicle V

Self-correcting quantum computers within reach?

Simulations of ‘backwards time travel’ can improve scientific experiments

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An Alarm Clock with No Buttons


Battery Backup

Can quantum computers bring an end to corrosion?

Finger-shaped sensor enables more dexterous robots V

Graphene Addition for Enhancing the Critical Current Density of Bi-2223 Superconductors

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Microchip’s Radiation-Tolerant (RT) PolarFire® FPGA Achieves QML Class Q Qualification

NASA Sets Coverage for Psyche Spacecraft Launch to Metal World

New tools are available to help reduce the energy that AI models devour

New UCF Technology Could Reduce Lag, Improve Reliability of Online Gaming, Meetings

Outsmarting cyberattacks on microgrids

Scientists discover the highest energy gamma-rays ever from a pulsar V

Smart Disk Lamp

SpaceX launches 22 Starlink satellites on its 70th mission of the year

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The making of a quantum movie

Twisted Science: NIST Researchers Find a New Quantum Ruler to Explore Exotic Matter

Ultrathin films achieve record hydrogen-nitrogen separation