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It can be used to play car racing games or experience driving a real car. It can be used to drive an RC car using real controls.

This is the driving simulator, we can play car racing came with it. This stick or throttle is for moving forward & reverse. And steering wheel is used to turn left & right.

This is a car racing game which I want to play. I could have used my fingers & press the WASD keys to control the car. But I want the feel of driving a real car. So, I built this simulator to get the real driving feeling & enjoy. This simulator will eventually press those keyboard keys via code.

We have the cardboard disc attached to the top of box. When rotated it will act as steering wheel. To the side of the box we have a paper tube. when tilted it will act as throttle.

The concept of this simulator is very simple. To get the exact position of the throttle & the stearing wheel, we have attached a potentiometer to each of them. Whenever the there is change in their position, the respective key gets pressed on the keyboard. The Arduino’s Keyboard library takes care of the keys.”

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