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You can build a prop replica of the Faz Wrench from Five Nights of Freddy’s Security Breach – Ruin.

We designed and 3D printed this prop to use the RP2040 PropMaker Feather and CircuitPython.

It’s got a working LCD with buttons, LEDs, rotary encoder and a speaker for sound effects.

The RP2040 PropMaker Feather is packed with features for making advanced props in CircuitPython or Arduino.

The Adafruit LCD backpack features Stemma QT, making it easy to plug-in-play with any compatible Feather.

You can press the red button to display deactivated nodes on screen.

The green button displays unlocked doors and random characters fill the screen while the rotary encoder adjusts the volume.

You can tilt the device to trigger different sound effects as if charging conduits in the game.

A special sound effect plays when the door is unlocked.

We think these features give it a bit more depth than your typical prop project.

Armed with a Faz-Wrench, you can help find Gregory and escape the ruins of Freddy Faz-bear’s Mega Pizza-Plex.”

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