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OpnBeat, easy to understand, fun to use DIY Lofi sampler

OpnBeat is Arduino-based open source Lofi sampler. By using voice recorder chip, it is very simple so that you can modify it as you like.

OpnBeat is Arduino-based Lofi sampler which is affordable, easy to understand and fun to play! Thanks to its core component the voice recorder chip ISD1700 series, OpnBeat is really simple. There is no complex technology such as mp3 or codec. The simplicity and understandability are useful for anyone who wants to modify it or make original DIY sampler. Most importantly, It’s really fun to play. You need only a stereo audio cable, earphones and music source such as Sportify to start making your original track.

The reason why I started this project
I love hip-hop music and become interested in sampler and music production. But popular samplers in market was expensive and since I’ve never tried making music before, I didn’t have confidence whether I was able to use it or not. Finally I reached the idea that I should make it by myself so that I could fully understand how it works and how to use it.

Main Features


- Sampling sounds up to 12 second each for 8 channels(sampling frequency is about 12kHz, standard)
- Play 8 sounds at the same time
- Play mode (real time play by keys just like music instrument)
- Sound edit mode (cut and trim sampled sound)
- Rhythm edit mode (record and memory rhythm pattern by editing rhythm in realtime)
- BPM setting
- Level setting for each 8 channel output

Input / Output:

- 1x Line In (3.5mm stereo jack)
- 1x Line Out (RCA jack)
- 1x Headphone Out (3.5mm stereo jack)
- Volume (for heaphone, metronome)”

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