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AMD Introduces Ryzen™ Z1 Series Processors, Expanding the “Zen 4” Lineup into Handheld Game Consoles

Arduino IDE 2.1 is now available!

Arduino Tachometer (RPM Meter) With IR Sensor Module V

Argonne’s self-driving lab accelerates the discovery process for materials with multiple applications

Astronomers image a black hole’s shadow and powerful jet together for the first time V

Astronomers solve the 60-year mystery of quasars – the most powerful objects in the Universe

ATtiny Assembler Program

Auto-Ranging Ohmmeter

Biology major Andy Shar discovers 3D printable ink that ‘everyone was looking for,’ physics professor says

Charity Sower

Cheaper method for making woven displays and smart fabrics – of any size or shape

Chest E-Tattoo Boasts Major Improvements in Heart Monitoring

China’s Mars rover likely idled by sunlight-blocking dust - designer

DIY $3 Single Chip Macro Keypad From Scratch (Arduino IDE Programmable!) V

DIY Neurotech: Making BCI Accessible New open-source hardware thrusts brain-signal processing into a maker’s world

Feather RP2040 DVI Video Synth V

Greener batteries

HackSpace magazine #66

How to Make DIY LED DOT MATRIX MODULE from Scratch

How to untangle a worm ball: Mathematicians solve a knotty mystery

Japan firm fails in bid for historic moon landing

Jellyfish-like robots could one day clean up the world’s oceans

LED calculator

LED clock with auto time set over Wi-Fi / NTP protocol V

Light-based computing scheme reduces power needed to mine cryptocurrencies

Linux Kernel 6.3 Released, This is What’s New

Lockheed Martin CubeSats Successfully Validate Essential Maneuvers For On-Orbit Servicing

Low BOM Cost 4-cell 18650 Charger

Making Quantum Processors Even Faster

Material found in smartphone screens can be harnessed to map magnetic fields

Nanowire networks learn and remember like a human brain

NASA InSight Study Provides Clearest Look Ever at Martian Core

NASA’s New 3D-Printed Superalloy Can Take the Heat

New approach to developing efficient, high-precision 3D light shapers

New nanoparticle source generates high-frequency light

New programmable smart fabric responds to temperature and electricity

Nexperia introduces the best-in-class portfolio of I2C GPIO Expanders

NUS quantum scientists achieve state-of-the-art defect-free atom array

PVIM ESP32 AD7606 Precision Voltage IoT Monitor SDK Board

QO-100 CW Keyer and Receiver Mixer

Quantum entanglement could make accelerometers and dark matter sensors more accurate

Renesas Expands Focus on India with New NB-IoT Solution

Research on Light Emission From Black Phosphorus Hints at New Applications

Researchers 3D print a miniature vacuum pump

Researchers Design Battery Prototype With Fiber-Shaped Cathode

Scientists Detect Seismic Waves Traveling Through Martian Core for the First Time

Scientists discover rare element in exoplanet’s atmosphere

Scientists Have Full State of a Quantum Liquid Down Cold

Smooth 16x2 gauges without custom characters V

Speedy robo-gripper reflexively organizes cluttered spaces V

Stereo I2S Shield for ESP32-S Dev Board

STMicroelectronics reveals flexible isolated-buck IC for protected power conversion and gate driving in IGBTs, SiC, and GaN transistors

Sustainability in Space: Giving Old Satellites New Jobs

Talkie part 1: the ESP32 Speech Synthesiser

The MagPI 129

Two qudits fully entan­gled

Ultrasonic Garage Parking Sensor LED Stop Light

Unlocking the power of photosynthesis for clean energy production

USTC Realizes Ultrahigh-density 3D Dynamic Holographic Projection

Weather Monitoring And WeatherForeCasting

WS2812B RGB LED Controller over WiFi with ESP8266 V

A message to meteorite hunters: Put down your magnets!

A Novel Platinum Nanocluster for Improved Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Fuel Cells

AMD Bolsters Embedded Portfolio with New Ryzen Embedded 5000 Series Processors for Networking Solutions

An Experimental Magnetic Loop Driven by Android and a Stepper Motor V

Announcing Fedora Linux 38

Audio Spectrum Visualizer Using Arduino & Matrix Display

Automatic Pico I2C Tester

Automation of an Articulated Arm With Raspberry Pico V

Build a 5-Axis, Industrial Grade Robotic Arm That Learns V

Button Mouse With XIAO

Canonical releases Ubuntu 23.04 Lunar Lobster

CMU Team Designs Four-Legged Robotic System That Can Walk a Balance Beam V

Elon Musk’s SpaceX’s Starship rocket explodes minutes after launching from Texas V

ESA’s Juice lifts off on quest to discover secrets of Jupiter’s icy moons

Getting Purer Berkelium, Faster than Ever

Intel Dives into the Future of Cooling

Lattice Extends Low Power FPGA Portfolio with Launch of MachXO5T-NX Advanced System Control FPGAs

LED Fader Using 555 Timer IC V

Meet the Autonomous Lab of the Future

μLA: Micro Logic Analyzer for RP2040

Morse Code Trainer, Communicator, and CW Keyer for esp32 based M5StickC Plus V

Motion Activated Light Communication Device V

Nagoya University researchers in Japan develop a new ultra-high-density sulfonic acid polymer electrolyte membrane for fuel cells

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Completes 50th Flight V

New passive device continuously generates electricity during the day or night

Nexperia releases leading-edge 650 V Silicon Carbide diodes for demanding power conversion applications

Physicists find unusual waves in nickel-based magnet

Power Supply V1.0 V

Quantum light source goes fully on-chip, bringing scalability to the quantum cloud

Quan­tum liq­uid becomes solid when heated

Rambus Accelerates AI Performance with Industry-Leading 24 Gb/s GDDR6 PHY

Recycling plastics from research labs

Renewable route to rubber material V

Researchers develop carbon-negative concrete

Researchers Suggest New Way To Boost Perovskite Solar Cell Performance

Simple Inverters 12V to 220V, comparision, testing… V

SK hynix Develops Industry’s First 12-Layer HBM3, Provides Samples To Customers

STMicroelectronics introduces automotive inertial module with certified ASIL B software library for a broad range of automotive applications

Sunrise Alarm Clock V

Swedish quantum computer applied to chemistry for the first time

TI makes Wi-Fi® technology more robust and affordable for connected IoT applications

UC Irvine physicists discover first transformable nano-scale electronic devices

Using RP2040 PIO to drive a poorly-designed display

World’s deepest offshore wind turbine foundation installed in Scottish waters

A complete ATTiny1616 Dev Solution

AMD Unveils the Most Powerful AMD Radeon PRO Graphics Cards, Offering Unique Features and Leadership Performance to Tackle Heavy to Extreme Professional Workloads

An easier way to get bugs out of programming languages

Arduino Data Logging Shield With Real Time Clock Timestamp … and Telemetry, Sensor Network V

Build an 8-bit Microcontroller - Part I.

ChatGPT is not an artist V

Creating a DCO-based Audio Synthesizer With an Arduino Nano

DIY Automated Blinds V

DIY Connect 4 Game on 2.8 inch TFT touch Display V

DIY RFID Lock using RYRR10S module V

EKO Flower Pot

Five Ways QSA is Advancing Quantum Computing

Flow batteries for grid-scale energy storage

Gravitational waves could indicate transition to strange quark matter

How Argonne is pushing the boundaries of quantum technology research V

Intel Foundry and Arm Announce Multigeneration Collaboration on Leading-Edge SoC Design

IoT-Based Remote Patient Monitoring System to Measure Vital

IoT Based Water Level Controller Using ESP32 Blynk V

IoT weather station with Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C3

It’s all in the wrist: energy-efficient robot hand learns how not to drop the ball V

James Webb Space Telescope Images Challenge Theories of How Universe Evolved

LOGIX: Creating a Logic Gates Training Board V

Modeling longer-lived holes in silicon quantum dots

Nanotubes as optical stopwatch for the detection of neurotransmitters

NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover Gets a Major Software Upgrade

New GeForce RTX 4070 GPU Dramatically Accelerates Creativity V

New kind of quantum transport discovered in a device combining high-temperature superconductors and graphene

New light sheet holography overcomes the depth perception challenge in 3D holograms

Nordic Semiconductor redefines its leadership in Bluetooth Low Energy with the announcement of the nRF54 Series

NYU Wireless at NYU Tandon releases NYUSIM 4.0 to accelerate standardization efforts of 6G wireless communications

Photonic filter separates signals from noise to support future 6G wireless communication

Quantum ‘magic’ could help explain the origin of spacetime

Raspberry Pi Receives Strategic Investment from Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation Establishing strategic partnership for the further enhancement of the edge AI solution development

Relativity goes ‘all in’ on larger reusable rocket, shifting 3D-printing approach after first launch

Renesas Samples Its First 22-nm Microcontroller

Research in Japan Shows the Way Toward Tactile and Proximity Sensing in Large Soft Robots

Reverse-engineering the division microcode in the Intel 8086 processor

RP2040 with PIO and DMA to address WS2812B LEDs

Second stage for quantum simulation project PASQuanS

small display BIG DIGITS project V

Stripes within crystals hint at behavior of electrons in quantum systems

The Juice Mission: Japan Joins Esa To Head To The Icy Moons

Tiny biobattery with 100-year shelf life runs on bacteria

Wonder material graphene claims yet another superlative

A four-legged robotic system for playing soccer on various terrains V

A new type of photonic time crystal gives light a boost

A sensor that might someday enable ‘mind-controlled’ robots

A shot in the arm

Absolute Zero in the Quantum Computer

Advance in technology paves the way to realistic 3D holograms for virtual reality and more

ALICE sees “the ridge” in simplest collisions yet

AMD Launches First 5nm ASIC-based Media Accelerator Card to Power New Era of Interactive Media Services at Scale

Autonomous Soil Quality Assessment (AutoSQA) V

Can a solid be a superfluid? Engineering a novel supersolid state from layered 2D materials

Click Away the Bias: New System to Make AI Training Easier and More Accurate

CocktailMaker - An advanced Cocktail Machine with GUI V

Combining irradiation and lithography to engineer advanced conducting materials V

Creating a Mixed Magnon State in an Organic Hybrid Perovskite Material by DMI

Dash Camera Power Supply With Ultra Low “power Off” Consumption (50uA)

Digital Crazy Hours and Minutes - WiFi Sync Clock V

DIY Arduino Camera Robot (Motorized Pan Tilt Head) V

Energy harvesting PMIC from Nexperia enables environmentally friendly energy-autonomous low-power devices

ESP8266/NodeMCU/ESP32 Audio Recorder

Fast light pulse triggers charge transfer into water

Fully Recyclable Printed Electronics Ditch Toxic Chemicals for Water

Global Space News: Juice Is Preparing To Launch!

Google says its AI supercomputer is faster, greener than Nvidia A100 chip

Highly sensitive measurement technique leads to better solar cell

Human Breathalyzer to monitor ketosis V

Kioxia and Western Digital Announce Newest 3D Flash Memory

Magnon-based computation could signal computing paradigm shift

Meta-optics shows physical processes in the attosecond range

Mini Self-balancing Robot

miniAstroHeat Project powered by Blynk

NASA Study Helps Explain Limit-Breaking Ultra-Luminous X-Ray Sources

New atomic-scale understanding of catalysis could unlock massive energy savings

New Discovery Makes Cheap, Compact Lasers Possible

New experiment translates quantum information between technologies in an important step for the quantum internet

New imaging technology identifies material defects and composition in unprecedented detail

New technology advances solar-cell production

Novel ferroelectric material for the future of data storage solutions

OpnBeat, easy to understand, fun to use DIY Lofi sampler

Origami-Inspired Robots Can Sense, Analyze and Act in Challenging Environments

PCB Hotplate Slightly Bigger Edition V

Renesas Cellular-to-Cloud Development Kits Now Connect Seamlessly to Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Renesas Is First to Support Public Building Air Quality Standards in Environmental Sensors

Robotic hand can identify objects with just one grasp

Scientists use computational modeling to design “ultrastable” materials

Simple TEF6686 Arduino + PC AM-FM Radio Receiver V

Simulating a secure future

Smart and Sustainable Agriculture System V

Smart indoor farming using Bytebeam SDK for Arduino

Solid-State Lithium-Sulfur Batteries: Neutrons unveil sluggish charge transport

Texas A&M Researchers Find Major Storage Capacity In Water-Based Batteries

The microcode and hardware in the 8086 processor that perform string operations

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Using ATOM Matrix ESP32 V

Virgin Orbit fails to secure funding, will cease operations and lay off nearly entire workforce

Weather Station with ESP8266 V