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The webinterface and controlling software for a raspberry-pi based cocktail making machine.

The ‚Cocktail-Maker‘ is not only a piece of software; it is a cocktail mixing machine that works with a Raspberry-Pi to control multiple pumps that have different ingredients assigned to them. The Cocktail-Maker provides a UI that can be accessed via a web browser. Admins can create other users and assign them to multiple roles with different permissions. Users can create their own cocktails, and if the Cocktail-Maker has all the needed ingredients, they can order them. Cocktails can be categorized and shared with other users.

New recipes can be created in the UI, and the user can add ingredients to different production steps. Ingredients that are in the same production step get bottled at the same time. The order in which ingredients get bottled can be changed via drag and drop.

The UI also includes a special interface that has been optimized for touchscreen usage directly at the machine.

Main Features:
The controlling software is designed to enhance your cocktail-making experience like never before. With its advanced features, you can easily create and customize your favorite cocktails with just a few clicks.

- Add and edit recipes within the user interface.
- Extra user interface for enhanced local touchscreen usage.
- Virtual stirring functionality.
- Ingredient substitution for greater flexibility.
- Custom recipe adjustments can be made while ordering.
- Create recipe collections for easy organization.
- Multiple users with different roles can be added for greater security.
- Event system allows for triggering custom actions at specific events.
- Manual production steps can be added and prompted during production for greater precision.
- Automatically detect which recipes can be ordered and which cannot, for smoother operation.
- And much more ….”

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