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The “Internet of Things” is the biggest current change nowadays, more and more home and industrial devices can be communicated together in its network. The protocol “Message Queue Telemetry Transport” (abbreviated: MQTT) is used in the I.o.T and I.I.o.T as a potential communication protocol.
My project shows how to combine Home Assistant and Industrial Automation System together by MQTT protocol. By this way, all home & industrial devices can be controlled and monitored by Home Assistant dashboard from laptop/ tablet or smart phone, and even they can be controlled by a portable ESP32-powered screen like M5Stack Core 2.
Let’s getting started.

Main components are included as follows:

1pcs x Raspberry Pi 4 Model B.
1pcs x M5Stack® Core2 ESP32.
2pcs x SONOFF Basic 10A 2200W.
1pcs x M5StickC ESP32
1pcs x NodeMCU ESP8266.
1pcs x Xiaomi AIoT Router AX3600. I used a common switch/ router TP-LINK but I found that XIAOMI has a router that supports IOT. I think it should work better when there are more devices connected to the network.
1pcs x 4 Channels Relay Module or 8 Channels Relay Module.
1pcs x Siemens PS307 – 5A: SIMATIC S7-300 Regulated power supply input: 120/230 V AC, output: 24 V/5 ADC.
1pcs x Siemens CPU314C-2DP.
1pcs x Siemens CP 343-1 Lean: Communications processor CP 343-1 Lean for connection of SIMATIC S7-300 to Industrial Ethernet.
Profibus remote I/O station ET200S, including:
1pcs x Interface module IM151-1.

1pcs x PM-E power modules for ET 200S.

1pcs x Module 2AI RTD for 2-/3-/4-wire sensors: I used this module to read temperature from PT100.

And some more ET200S input modules/ ouput modules: 2AI, 2AO … for futher testing.

4pcs x Relays 24VDC.
6pcs x Lamps 220V.
1 meters Profibus cables and 2pcs x Profibus connectors.
LAN cables.
1pcs x FT232RL FTDI USB To TTL: for flashing Tasmota firmware.
1pcs x Siemens S7-200-300 / 400 PLC programming adapter cable.
Some 1.5mm cables.”

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