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GameBoy 5110 - Arduino Handheld Game Console by 3D Printing

During the COVID-19 crisis, how to spend a lot of quarantine time at home? In addition to improving cooking skills and doing sports, game lovers can also make their own unique GameBoy game console! The blue backlit LCD screen of the Nokia 5110 is used here (which makes it more retro style) and the 3D printed GameBoy shape shell. The project is based on Arduion Nano, you can also use your favorite hardware.
Supplies:LCD5110_Graph.h - “Snake” Game Programming
Code: Arduino Source Code

Arduino Nano × 1
Nokia 5110 LED LCD screen × 1
Piezo buzzer × 1
Mini slide switch × 1
Button B3F Omron 12mm (multiple colors) × 6
Prototype board × 1
9V battery compartment × 1
Wire × several
DuPont wire in in female × 1
PLA printing material × 1
Nut × several 2mm bolt × several
Soldering iron × 1
Tin and flux × 1
Hot glue gun × 1
Screwdriver × 1”

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