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Antipong Console

In this instructable we’ll be making a small game console that plays an inverted version of pong. In this version of pong you’ll be dodging the balls instead of “ping-ponging” them over to another player, see how long you can last!


// mainboard //
Arduino uno ( we used rev.3).

// electronic parts //
Adafruit SSD1306.
Standard PushButtons - 3x.
Piezo buzzer.
Led (any colour, we used green).
220 ohm resistor.

// case //
3d printed case ( Model link, we made use of a resin printer but a standard filament printer will do fine! ).
Zero pcb/dot pcb - 16cm x 10cm (6.3 x 3.93 inches).

// testing & soldering //
Solder wire.
Set of standard jumper wires (flexible tips!).
Breadboard (for testing).

// power //
USB-B to USB-A cable.
Standard (phone) charging block.”

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