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Race Lights Reaction Timer

This project is a small game you can play with another player. You can time your reaction speed and compete with your friend. The game is inspired by the start lights of a formula 1 race.

Earlier Iterations:
The images above are of earlier iterations of certain components and the casing.
In the original idea, the powerbank was located inside the casing. But in the final product, I placed it outside so that the user can charge or swap it out easily.
The starting lights used to be on top, but that prevented the lid from opening, so I moved the cables through the backside.
The buttons used to be without casing which made them kind of difficult to press, so I made a casing for them.


- 1x Arduino Uno.
- ~20x jumper cables.
- 1x Piezo buzzer.
- 2x WS2812B LED strip 5 leds.
- 1x OLED Display 128*32 pixels.
- 2x 6x6x4.3mm TACT Switch Push Button for Arduino.
- 1x USB-A to USB-B cable.
- 1x USB Powerbank.
- 2x Paperclips
- A lasercutter
- A 3D printer”

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