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PicoMemcard allows you to build your own supercharged PSX Memory Card that can be connected to your computer via USB in order to transfer saves directly to/from your PSX. You can use it to repurpose broken/counterfeit Memory Cards creating a better one using only a Raspberry Pi Pico.

- Able to faithfully simulate PSX Memory Card
- USB connection to import/export saves
- Allows to copy saves to/from any other memory card (using original PSX file manager)
- Allows to play burned CDs (thanks to FreePSXBoot)
- Cheaper than an original memory card

Bill of materials
- Raspberry Pi Pico (around $5)
- One of:
- Custom PicoMemcard PCB
- Broken/Counterfeit/Original PSX Memory Card (counterfeit ones can be found on AliExpress for around $2-3)
- PSX/PS2 Controller Cable
- Nothing, if you are a mad man and feel like soldering cables directly to your PSX (would not recommend).

Basically anything that will allow you to interface with the memory card slot pins will do. If you have a broken contoller you can cut off the cable and use that since controllers and memory cards share the same bus. Of course, plugging your memory card into the controller slot will prevent you from using 2 controllers at the same time.

In total building a PicoMemcard wil cost you less than buying a used original Memory Card!”

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