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3D Unity game using MPU6050 and TinyML Tutorial V

A rethink of the building blocks for solar panels could help mass production

Advanced Technology Allows Automated 3D Tracking of Leaked Gas

Ancient microbes may help us find extraterrestrial life forms

Arduino Combination Safe V


ATMEGA328P Low Cost Development Board for Prototypes

Attiny13A Motor Controller Board

Breaking the strongest chemical bonds with laser shock compression

Building explainability into the components of machine-learning models

CityU’s Novel metalens revolutionises conventional Vacuum UV optics technology

Cooking Up a Conductive Alternative to Copper with Aluminum

Cosplay PSU

Crius ROT8 MIDI Controller V

Cyber Tail

Dissolving implantable device relieves pain without drugs V

DIY 15V to 200.000 V Cockroft-Walton voltage multiplier V

Flexing the Power of a Conductive Polymer

Intel Labs Announces Integrated Photonics Research Advancement

IoT AI-driven Food Irradiation Dose Detector W/ Edge Impulse

IoT based Smart Parking System using Raspberry Pi

Live Sailboat Monitoring Over LoRa

Mini Filament Counter for 3d Printer

mintyPico V

My Favorite Martian Image: ‘Enchanted’ Rocks at Jezero Crater

New biobatteries use bacterial interactions to generate power for weeks V

New capability supports advanced laser additive manufacturing

New maXTouch® Knob-on-Display™ (KoD™) Touch Controller Family Disrupts Traditional Touchscreen Designs

New PET-like plastic made directly from waste biomass

New single-mode semiconductor laser delivers power with scalability

Orbitrack ESP32 computer with ECG V

Pioneering recycling turns mixed waste into premium plastics with no climate impact

Quantum network nodes with warm atoms

Raspberry Pi Pico W: your $6 IoT platform V

Renesas and Cyberon Partner to Deliver Integrated Voice User Interface Solutions for Renesas RA MCUs Supporting Over 40 Global Languages

Researchers Perform Non-line-of-sight Ghost Imaging with Human Vision

Rocket Lab Successfully Launches CAPSTONE Spacecraft, Completes First Leg of Moon Mission for NASA

Samsung Begins Chip Production Using 3nm Process Technology With GAA Architecture

Second-Gen Habana Gaudi2 Outperforms Nvidia A100

Simple Smartphone Metal Detector Experiments V

Smart Plant Irrigation with Health Detection V

STMicroelectronics releases next-generation Bluetooth® system-on-chip, enhanced with latest positioning capabilities

Swarm of Tiny Swimming Robots Could Look for Life on Distant Worlds

The 4D-printed beetle that changes color when it gets wetter V

The MagPi 119

Thin-film Photovoltaic Technology Combines Efficiency and Versatility

Three Wheeling: Startup Faction Develops Affordable Tri-Wheel AVs on NVIDIA DRIVE

Tim’s Electronic Dividers - 1D V

Touch controller from STMicroelectronics supports new-generation AMOLED energy-saving displays

Trouble Maker V

Tuning sound waves on chip

UH Research Allows For 3-D Printing Of ‘Organic Electronics’

Ultrabroadband edge coupler for highly efficient second harmonic generation

Vectron Sound Plus

Yoga Pose Detector

A DIY hardware two-factor authenticator V

A modern space race needs to be built on sustainability

Arduino LED clock with DS3231 RTC module V

Armadino - an Arduino Gameboy, Clock, Electronic Lab, TVout Console and More…

Artificial photosynthesis can produce food without sunshine

ATtiny85 Snake Game Handheld V

Build a Super-sized Expandable Seven Segment Display V

Control Cybot From Web Browser V

Disentangling superconductors

Door lock system with Arduino and RFID Module!

Electrically Conductive Paints and Other Polymer Alloys Now Produced Easily

ESP32 Mecanum Wheels Robot and Bluetooth Gamepad Controller V

Following ultrafast magnetization dynamics in depth

HackSpace magazine #56

How to use RYLR998 LORA module with Arduino V


MediaTek Expands Flagship Smartphone Performance with the Dimensity 9000+

Micron Unveils World’s First 1.5TB microSD Card and Automotive Functional Safety-Certified Memory to Fuel Data at Intelligent Edge

Microscopy method paves the way for new discoveries

MIT engineers devise a recipe for improving any autonomous robotic system V

Molecular double-slit and quantum tunnelling in intense laser light

Myoelectric sensor-controlled hand prosthesis

NASA’s Curiosity Captures Stunning Views of a Changing Mars Landscape V

NASA’s InSight Gets a Few Extra Weeks of Mars Science

New 8-bit MCU Development Board Connects to 5G LTE-M Narrowband-IoT Networks

New Bluetooth® LE wireless MCUs make high-quality RF and power performance more affordable

New level translators from Nexperia support legacy and future mobile phone SIM cards

New lithium-CO2 batteries are being manufactured at Surrey, with potential to revolutionise energy storage

New Ultrathin Capacitor Could Enable Energy-Efficient Microchips

NRF24L01 Tutorial - Arduino Wireless Communication V

NXP Extends S32 Automotive Platform with S32Z and S32E Real-Time Processor Families for New Software-Defined Vehicles

On the Road to Tiny Transistors, How Flat is Flat?

Optical Microphone Developed by CMU Researchers Sees Sound Like Never Before V

Organic bipolar transistors

PCI-SIG® Announces PCI Express® 7.0 Specification to Reach 128 GT/s

PJRC Teensy 4.x AudioVisualizer V

Process to customize molecules does double duty

Quantum electrodynamics tested 100 times more accurately

Quantum sensor can detect electromagnetic signals of any frequency

Raspberry Pi RP2040 MCU Vult DSP template with FreeRTOS

Record-Breaking Voyager Spacecraft Begin to Power Down V

Renesas Delivers Industry’s Most Complete Intelligent Sensor Solutions for IoT Applications

Renesas Develops Circuit Technologies for 22-nm Embedded STT-MRAM with Faster Read and Write Performance for MCUs in IoT Applications

Renesas Launches World’s Most Highly Integrated Advanced Bluetooth Low Energy SoC

Researchers release open-source photorealistic simulator for autonomous driving V

Robotic lightning bugs take flight V

Robots play with play dough V

Samsung Unveils ISOCELL Image Sensor With Industry’s Smallest 0.56μm Pixel

Say No to class D? Explained V

Scientists emulate nature in quantum leap towards computers of the future

Solar Powered Square Light V

South Korea launches first satellite with homegrown rocket

SpaceX launches and lands 3rd rocket in 36 hours

STMicroelectronics’ 40V STripFET F8 MOSFETs save energy and lower noise

STMicroelectronics delivers breakthrough in non-volatile memory with industry’s first Serial Page EEPROM

STMicroelectronics’ new chip boosts energy efficiency in consumer electronics, with potential to save almost 100 terawatt-hours worldwide

Technique Allows Researchers to Align Gold Nanorods with Magnetic Fields

Technology helps self-driving cars learn from own memories V

Temperature and humidity measurement

Timescale Clock V

Tim’s Little R.O.V. V

Toshiba to Develop Lightweight, Compact, High-Power Superconducting Motor Prototype for Mobility Applications V

TSMC Reveals 2nm Node: 30% More Performance by 2025

Ultra-Thin Film Creates Vivid 3D Images with Large Field of View

UNSW quantum scientists deliver world’s first integrated circuit at the atomic scale

Virtual electronic finderscope V

Wifi IoT ESP8266 Relay Board Schematic

3D Printed Timelapse/3D Scanning Turntable V

A 100% 3D Printed Linear Snap Action Mechanism. V

Abacusynth: A Hardware Synthesizer V

Arduino based EEG Sleep Monitoring V

Astra’s NASA mission suffers failure, loss of weather satellites V

Astronomers discover a multiplanet system nearby

ATtiny85-Motor V

Custom NanoLeaf Lights! DIY, Wireless, Modular, Arduino, 3D Printed! V

Diamonds Are for Quantum Sensing

DIY a Simple Automatic Humidifier V

DIY Lab Bench Power Supply V

DIY Motorized WiFi Roller Blind - ESP8266 & Blynk V

ElectriPop: Low-Cost, Shape-Changing Displays Using Electrostatically Inflated Mylar Sheets V

Elire Group collaborates with Microsoft on a trial for long-term archival storage

Enovix Battery Cells Achieve Exceptional, Five-Minute Fast Charge

EPFL scientists take modeling to new heights V

Experiment results confirm anomaly suggesting new physics possibility

Glimpses of Quantum Computing Phase Changes Show Researchers the Tipping Point

GlobalFoundries, STMicro Consider French Chip Factory Venture

Graphene dust not harmful, study finds

How to Build a Simple DIY Home Automation System V

Industry’s Largest Family of Inductive Position Sensors Now Includes Solution for ISO 26262-Compliant EV Motor Control Applications

IOT Based Smart Security Surveillance Robot

Klara, a solar LCD creature

Labfab’s CO2 Sensor

Lightpen to USB HID interface V

Mechanical gripper prosthesis with myoelectric sensor contol

New approach topples major barrier to commercialisation of organic flow batteries

New maps of asteroid Psyche reveal an ancient world of metal and rock V

New material paves the way for remote-controlled medication and electronic pills

Nordic Thingy:53 brings dual-Arm Cortex-M33 processor power and embedded machine learning to rapid IoT product prototyping

PicoMemcard V

Protecting computer vision from adversarial attacks

Race Lights Reaction Timer

Renesas Announces Investment in Popular Open-Source Company Arduino to Access Huge Developer Community

Renesas Launches Cellular-to-Cloud IoT Development Platforms Powered by RA and RX MCU Families

Research extends the lifetime of molecules in organic flow batteries to practical values

Researchers develop the world’s first ultra-fast photonic computing processor using polarisation

Researchers discover a new hardware vulnerability in the Apple M1 chip

Rice lab’s quantum simulator delivers new insight V

ShroomBox - IoT Mushroom Fruiting Chamber with Blynk

Simple Bluetooth Controlled Car - Raspberry Pi Pico V

Space Invaders Like Game on 1602 LCD Character Display

STMicroelectronics introduces 5G M2M embedded SIMs, certified to latest industry standards

STMicroelectronics’ new inertial modules enable AI training inside the sensor

STMicroelectronics reveals a ready-to-use In-Vehicle system-on-chip solution for Secure Car Access CCC Release 3 compliant

Ten years after the Higgs, physicists face the nightmare of finding nothing else

The Famous NE555 Timer-IC, Original and a Bit Larger

The First High-Yield, Sub-Penny Plastic Processor

Themed Binary Digital Clock With Arduino Nano and DF Player Mini

Toshiba Develops World’s First Double-Gate RC-IEGT, Reduces Switching Loss

UCLA engineers create single-step, all-in-one 3D printing method to make robotic materials V

Ultimate Mosquito Swatter Mod for Gamer: Add Kill Counter, Sound, Rechargeable Battery. V

USB Killer Detector

USB4 ESD devices from Nexperia provide optimum balance of protection and performance

Voronoi Diagram Based PCB Lamp V2 V

Water Leakage Detection System V

2nd-generation multi-zone direct Time-of-Flight sensor from STMicroelectronics uses less energy and can range 2X as far as existing products

3-Axis Magnetometer

3D Printed Robot Dog V

3V3 Power Supply system for ESP8266

A helping hand for robotic manipulator design

Air Lasing: A New Tool for Atmospheric Detection

An atomic-scale window into superconductivity paves the way for new quantum materials

Antipong Console

Arduino Science Clock

Arm introduces new image signal processor to advance vision systems for IoT and embedded markets

Audio Visualizer With an LCD Display V

Badger 2040 Keypad

Basic Motor PWM Speed Control With 555IC

Building a Smart Helmet with the Blues Wireless Notecard

Bumps could smooth quantum investigations

Collaborating on a real life Barbapapa

Colossal collisions linked to solar system science

Controlling the Waveform of Ultrashort Infrared Pulses

Deal on common charger: reducing hassle for consumers and curbing e-waste

DIY Fitness Tracker(GET-FIT) V

Embedded Machine Learning for Person Detection

Eternal matter waves

Even more pi in the sky: Calculating 100 trillion digits of pi on Google Cloud

Faster computing results without fear of errors

First RISC-V-Based System-on-Chip (SoC) FPGA Enters Mass Production

High-speed, efficient and compact electro-optic modulators for free space

Homemade IV-22 VFD Clock! V

Intersecting light beams key in transformative 3D printer potential

Keeping web-browsing data safe from hackers

Laser device for neutralizing - mosquitoes

Lifespan of solid-state lithium batteries extended by Surrey researchers

Lithium-ion batteries that last longer in extreme cold

Metalenz and STMicroelectronics deliver world’s first optical metasurface technology for consumer electronics devices

NASA’s Europa Clipper Mission Completes Main Body of the Spacecraft V

onsemi Accelerates Building Automation with Industry First Solutions for KNX and Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Penn Engineers Create Chip That Can Process and Classify Nearly Two Billion Images per Second

Pushing the Boundaries of Moore’s Law: How Can Extreme UV Light Produce Tiny Microchips?

PWM Cooling-FAN Control and Over Temperature Protection using LM35 and ATTiny13 V

Radio Arduino Uno TEA5767 V

Radio waves for the detection of hardware tampering

Renesas Releases Its Highest-Performance RZ/T2M Motor Control MPU Enabling Fast, High-Precision Control of Servo Motors

Researchers Demonstrate 40-Channel Optical Communication Link

Seeed Studio XIAO RP2040 18 Key Numpad

Simulating a Quantum Future

Smoke Detector with Arduino

STMicroelectronics and Sensory collaborate to enable mass-market adoption of embedded voice control through STM32Cube software ecosystem

STMicroelectronics’ flexible high-voltage op amp targets automotive and industrial environments

STMicroelectronics’ newest NFC readers accelerate payment and consumer application designs

Streaming Video on 1602 Character LCD Display With Arduino V

Study Reveals How Some High-Energy Particle ‘Jets’ Lose Energy

The World’s Smallest Prototyping Board

Toshiba Adds Five New MOSFET Gate Driver ICs that Will Help Reduce Device Footprints

Updated Standard Provides Fundamental 3D-Printing Design Guidance to Streamline Production

UQ discovery paves the way for faster computers, longer-lasting batteries

Vending Machine with RFID

WatchEye - One Eyed Pet With Face Tracking V

A new duality discovered at Purdue University solves a physics mystery

Advanced Water Management (AWM) in 10 Steps

Air Quality Monitoring ESP32-Based System

Artificial intelligence for stable processes in industry V

Automated Bike Turning Light!

Bayreuth researchers develop new method for the technological use of 2D nanomaterials

BLE AI-driven Smartwatch Detecting Potential Sun Damage V

Building the processors of the future

Clock with SH1106 OLED display & DS1302 RTC module

CNC Pen Lift V

Computer learns to write captions with feeling

Cornstarch Pottery Machine V

CUBOTino Autonomous: Small, 3D Printed, Rubik’s Cube Robot (Raspberry Pi Zero 2, PiCamera) V

Detecting new particles around black holes with gravitational waves

Direct sound printing is a potential game-changer in 3D printing, according to Concordia researchers V

Discovery of new mechanisms to control the flow of sound V

DIY dosimeter for the youngest engineers

DIY Fingerprint Lock Box V

DIY Pickup Winder V

DIY Wheatstone Bridge

Electrolyte Additive Offers Lithium Battery Performance Breakthrough

Error-Free Quan­tum Com­put­ing Gets Real

Explore AVR assembly language

Flexible Electronics and Sensors: Researchers Develop Improved Method for Copper Micropattern Printing

How Electric Fish Were Able to Evolve Electric Organs

How to Design a Button Box Housing With Schematic and PCB V

How To Make Ultrasonic Levitator with Arduino V

Infineon and pmdtechnologies develop 3D depth-sensing technology for Magic Leap 2 – enabling advanced cutting-edge industrial and medical applications

Ingenuity Adapts for Mars Winter Operations

Intel Taps Factory Network to Overcome Substrate Shortages

IoT & Home Automation w/nRF24l01 & Raspberry Pi V

Laser Engraver Made With Repurposed CD/DVD Computer Drives V

Lattice Extends its Control FPGA Leadership with Introduction of MachXO5-NX Family

Magna Doodle Clock V

Microchip Simplifies Automotive Designs with ISO 26262-Compliant, AUTOSAR-Ready Devices and Ecosystem

Microscopy — Beyond Moore’s Law

MIDI Laser Harp with Time of Flight Distance Sensors V

MIT engineers boost signals from fluorescent sensors

Nanoleaf 2.0 V

Nanoparticles that mimic plant pigment to deliver better solar panels

NASA’s Perseverance Studies the Wild Winds of Jezero Crater

New processors make edge AI more accessible while cutting power consumption in half

New type of extremely reactive substance in the atmosphere

Novel strategy to make fast-charging solid-state batteries

Pet Robot V

PewPew LCD

Physicists Announce First Results from Daya Bay’s Final Dataset

Quest for elusive monolayers just got a lot simpler

Raspberry Pi Pico - Alarm Clock V

Reliable knowledge about reliable AI

Renesas Introduces Complex Device Driver Software to Ease Development of Battery Management Systems for Electric Vehicles

Renesas Unveils Industry’s First I3C Intelligent Switch Family for Next Generation Server, Storage and Communications Systems

RIBB3D: Sustainable ribbed slabs with 3D printed formwork V

Scientists at Paderborn University discover new chemical reaction

Soil moisture sensor with message notification

Solving the World’s Biggest Challenges, Together V

Strange neutron star spinning every 76 seconds discovered in stellar graveyard

The Sun is spinning round again

Time crystals “impossible” but obey quantum physics

Tiny robotic crab is smallest-ever remote-controlled walking robot V

Toshiba Announces DT02 7200RPM 2TB Hard Disk Drive

Twisted Soft Robots Navigate Mazes Without Human Or Computer Guidance V

World’s First Successful Transmission of 1 Petabit per Second in a Standard Cladding Diameter Multi-core Fiber