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More problems, more possibilities: NVIDIA technologies accelerate innovation in every aspect of human endeavor.

Gamers know NVIDIA powers great gaming experiences. Researchers know NVIDIA speeds world-changing breakthroughs. Businesses know us for the AI engines transforming their industries.

And NVIDIA employees know the company as one of the best places to work on the planet.

More people than ever have a piece of NVIDIA. Roboticists, visual artists, data scientists — all sorts of innovators and creators rely on the company’s technology. And that’s only natural: NVIDIA’s the largest startup on Earth, growing to 25,000 employees from 10,000 a few years ago.

But as NVIDIA spills out in all directions it’s more important than ever to connect all these pieces, these people who may know our products, but don’t know one another.

That’s why we’re launching a campaign this week to bring all these elements together. To reflect back to the entertainers and entrepreneurs, researchers and scientists, developers and designers the staggering body of work we’ve built together.

It’s going to be quite a conversation. Not just because it’s comprehensive, but because it’s coherent.

The same GPU technology that powers the Nintendo Switch has proven the existence of the gravity waves Einstein predicted a century ago.

The parallel computing power harnessed by NVIDIA’s CUDA platform is key not just to Oscar-winning special effects, but to a new generation of medical breakthroughs.

And the huge leaps in computing power unleashed by innovations in silicon, software and systems created at NVIDIA are turning data centers into engines of business innovation and imbuing supercomputers with the power to simulate the planet itself, for the benefit of those of us who would become its stewards.

These stories don’t just cover the breadth of what’s been accomplished. They point to possibilities, new places where each of these endeavors intersect. These spillovers are anything but happy accidents; they’re by design, and they’ve always been the soul of NVIDIA.

So think of this as an introduction. Not just to the NVIDIA story, but to each other. And with more people than ever contributing to this story we all share, this body of work, there can be no doubt that the best part of the NVIDIA story is still to come.”

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