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Hi!I am Crius and I LOVE MIDI Controllers!
The last couple of years I started learning about electronics from nothing to be able to build my own MIDI controllers that would serve my needs , taste and be cheaper overall in comparison with the branded products.This is CRIUS ROT8 MIDI CONTROLLER that consists of 8 potentiometers and 3 buttons with which we can control the parameters of the VST-Plugin or the DAW that we play music ,8 LEDs whose brightness varies depending on the position of the corresponding potentiometer as well as an LCD screen that shows the percentage of 100 for each potentiometer so that we can know at a glance the value of the parameter we have assigned it.
The Crius ROT8 comes with a Script which allows us to automatically match (Auto Mapping) each of the 8 penometers with the corresponding Volume of 8 Tracks and the 3 buttons with PLAY, STOP and REC respectively, selecting Crius Rot8 as Control Surface from Menu Options -> Preferences -> Midi -> Control Surface (details for installing Script can be found below).
If we do not use the Script we can do Mapping with anything we want in the DAW.


1. Crius Rot8 PCB x1
2. Arduino Leonardo Pro Micro (clone) x1
3.Linear Rotary Potentiometers 10 KOhm Right Angle x8
4.Momentary Switches 7mm x3
5.1602A LCD Display x1
6.Multiplexer 4051 x1
7. PWM Led Controller / Servo Driver PCA9685 x1
8.LEDs 3mm x8
9.Resistors 220Ohm x8
10.Micro USB cable x1
11.Trimer Potentiometer 10K x1
13.Mini Breadboard x1
14.Jumper wires


Fritzing (Schematic Designing)
Arduino IDE
Ultimaker CURA (3D-Printing Software)
ABLETON Live (DAW) - OPTIONAL to use the auto mapping script”

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