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Cosplay PSU

A pocket, rechargeable battery PSU for powering small Cosplay-related projects (and not only)

I build the Wearable Arc Reactor by Misha Tikh some times ago (it’s the one appears in this project cover picture) and I wanted a reliable power supply for powering it. So this thing come in my mind: a small box having a 18650 Li-Ion cell with a booster module giving the 9V for powering leds and a recharging module with accessible USB.

There are some premises to say before starting to do a similar project:

- Li-Ion and Li-Po battery can be very dangerous if not properly handled, so I cannot take any responsibility for damages caused by this project.
- The Recharging module used here has NO protection: I choosed this for compactness purposes and because I had lot of them from some years ago, but is not the safest. Anyway I designed the enclosure around this specifical module.
- Would be better put this object in an explosive/fire-proof bag, expecially if used for cosplay purposes since it can be in contact with your body.
- Please use good cables: I used 22AWG silicon cables. Small cables can heat-up if current drawn is too high for them leading to fire or melting the box.

How this circuit works
The circuit is very simple: the lever switch toggles the Li-Ion battery GND between a Booster module or the Charging module so those modules cannot work together: only one will be active depending on the switch position. The Battery positive terminal will be connected to both modules instead.”

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