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Attiny13A Motor Controller Board

Hey Guys how you doing!

So here’s something super interesting and useful, a motor controller board powered by an Attiny13A to control a Brushed DC Motor.

This Motor Driver uses PWM to control the gate of an N Channel IRFZ44N mosfet by the Tap of a single button.

I’ve added Two Modes in the code that basically controls the Duty Cycle, On First Tap the setup turns ON at 100% Duty cycle, then on the Second Tap, the Duty Cycle is half at 50%. The third Tap turns the whole setup OFF.

I made this Motor Controller board for a future project that is a Bladeless Fan Project that I will soon publish.

This Instructables is about the whole building process of this Motor Controller so let’s get started!

Following were the materials used in this project-

- Attiny13A
- Custom PCB
- Brushed DC Motor
- AMS1117 5V
- 10K Resistor
- 1uf Capacitor
- 10uf Capacitor”

Link to article