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Made a wearable Small Necklace or pendant with custom Tear shaped PCB and Attiny13A

The goal here was simple, to make a small Blinky board that can be attached to a chain so we can wear it like a locket or pendant.

There are a total of 24 LEDs in this Pendant, I’ve divided LEDs into pairs of 4.

This means 6 LEDs are connected in parallel and they are driven by a single AO3400 N channel mosfet. there are a total of 4 of these which control 6 LED segments each.

These 4 MOSFETs are then controlled by an Attiny13A, I’ve added a button with its D4 Pin which starts the LED sequence.

- 0603 Blue LEDs x24
- Custom PCB which was provided by PCBWAY
- Attiny13A
- AO3400 N channel mosfet x4
- 10K 0603 Resistor x4
- SMD Coin Cell holder CR2032

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