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Hello everyone, and welcome back.
Now for something BRIGHT, a retrofitted antique-looking oil lamp with four LEDs that are turned ON and OFF in a chaser pattern to provide the appearance of fire flickering.
The Attiny 13A driving four SMD LEDs linked to each of its four I/O pins forms the heart of this project’s custom circuit, which is powered by a CR2032 coin cell.
A traditional oil lantern was chosen for this project, and the oil lamp feature was to be replaced with an electrical glow-in-the-dark circuit that wouldn’t run out of oil.
This article is about the whole built process of this lantern, so let’s get started with the building.

Material Required
The following were the materials used in this built:

- Attiny13A
- Custom PCB
- White LED 1206 Package
- Green LED 1206 Package
- ON OFF Switch
- 5 Ohms 1206 Resistor
- Arduino Nano for flashing the Attiny13A
- 3D Printed Circuit Holder
- Lantern”

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