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A 7-inch display was added to the Sandwich Dot IO project in a revision to make it truly wireless and portable.

The fan layer, raspberry pi carrier board, and battery bank layer are the three layers that make up this system.

The display holder layer is the fourth layer I’ve included in this revision.

The fourth layer houses a 7-inch HDMI display that works with the Raspberry Pi to make the entire system wire-free. Because it operates on an onboard battery, it doesn’t need adapters and can thus be carried about and used anywhere.

This solution is useful for a variety of Raspberry Pi-related tasks where we need an onboard battery, active cooling, and a display. For instance, we might set it up as a server, create a useful arcade, or simply use it as a Raspberry Pi desktop.

This article covers the entire construction process for the fourth layer. For additional information, see the previous project.

Materials Required
Following were the materials used in this built-

- Custom PCBs
- Raspberry Pi Model 3B+ (can use any Pi version)
- DC 5V Fan
- PCB Standoffs
- Attiny85 THT
- Attiny13A SMD
- AO4406 Mosfet IC
- WS2812B LEDs
- JST connectors
- JST wire harness
- Li-ion cell 18650 holder
- Li-ion cells
- IP5306 IC
- 1uF Capacitors
- Type C USB Port
- Normal USB port
- Vertical Switch
- Slide switch ON OFF
- indicator LEDs 0603 package
- SD Card”

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