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Taking pictures and geeking out over cameras was one of my first hobbies starting with an old Olympus point and shoot, I then moved up to a DSLR upgrading as new and exciting technology became accessible to my summer job budget. I then got the opportunity to buy a Leica M8 and was immediately hooked on the rangefinder system and manual lenses. But being an engineer I always wanted to build my own camera.

This camera project is a culmination of countless hours of learning to code in various languages, design 3D parts, print them successfully, build basic electronic circuits, use optical elements, and solve complex problems in general. So without further ado, I introduce the Pieca Camera System!

Based on the venerable Raspberry Pi4 and the High-Quality image sensor module it incorporates a 5-in touch screen with a live view and full manual controls. The camera uses the M mount system for attaching lenses. Allowing the camera to use a plethora of small manual lenses from Leica, 7Artisans, TTartisan, and other vintage lenses. The name is a play on the combination of Raspberry Pi and the Leica cameras because it was just too hard to pass up this pun, sorry not sorry.”

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