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3D Printed EMG Prosthetic Hand V

A Circular Binary Clock V

A far-sighted approach to machine learning V

A possible game changer for next generation microelectronics

A Radical New Approach in Synthetic Chemistry

A simpler path to better computer vision

Achieving a quantum fiber

Android Robot Head Hardware

Artemis I – Flight Day Eight: Orion Exits the Lunar Sphere Of Influence

Auto-pause your TV V

Brain-Powered Wheelchair Shows Real-World Promise

Break­ing ni­tro­gen while gen­er­at­ing meth­ane

Build a 64kB home computer based on an Arduino Mega 256

‘Butterfly Bot’ is Fastest Swimming Soft Robot Yet

Catching the dynamic Coronal Web

Cosmic chocolate pralines: general neutron star structure revealed

DIY Sports Push Buttons - Based on ESP32-C3 V

Electron pairing in quantum dots as new approach to qubit research

Engineers solve a mystery on the path to smaller, lighter batteries

First 100% bio-based 3D-printed home unveiled at the University of Maine

Flocks of assembler robots show potential for making larger structures V

Glass-like shells of diatoms help turn light into energy in dim conditions

Handheld BOT

HC-05 Bluetooth With Raspberry Pi Pico Using Micropython

Hollow Clock 4 V

Home Assistant Deep BLE Relay-Low energy V

How “2D” materials expand

James Webb reveals the atmospheric secrets of an exoplanet

Lev­er­ag­ing Ethics to Make Quan­tum Research Sus­tain­able

Mathematics works in serendipitous ways

Microlaser Chip Adds New Dimensions to Quantum Communication


NASA, ESA Reveal Tale of Death, Dust in Orion Constellation V

NASA’s Europa Clipper Gets Its Wheels for Traveling in Deep Space

New collaboration to probe physical reality’s quantum ‘glue’

New quantum tool developed in groundbreaking experimental achievement

Nexperia releases ultrafast 650 V Recovery Rectifiers for automotive and industrial applications

Nixie Display Module With SPI Interface V

Pushing the Boundaries of Fluid Equations

Quantum algorithms save time in the calculation of electron dynamics

Reflecting on a shift in “rainbow” sensors

Rice lab’s catalyst could be key for hydrogen economy V

RoboCar: 5G Cellular Remote Driving Robot V

Samsung to make 3 nm chips for Nvidia, Qualcomm, IBM, Baidu

Sandwich Dot IO V

Scientists use carbon to detect a new nitrogen source in the open ocean

Simple hardware to defend microgrid attacks

Simple Indoor VOCs Detection and Alarm System

Simple semiconductor solutions could boost solar energy generation and enable better space probes

STMicroelectronics launches a new advanced 6-axis IMU with embedded sensor fusion and AI

Teaching photonic chips to learn

Termi2 - a Typewriter That Answers Your Questions V

The “CO2” Project

The Gauss Speedway V

The Journey to Building a True Quantum Computer

The MagPi 124

Unraveling the secrets of microplastics released by tires

Where’sLy Clock Project

A Low-Cost Robot Ready for Any Obstacle V

An on-chip time-lens generates ultrafast pulses

Atomically-thin ribbons can dramatically improve batteries needed for clean transport, as well as solar power

Cistercian Display

Controlled torque washing machine motor regulator V

CWX ESP8266 BME280 Compact Weather Station

Driving a Salvaged VFD With MAX7219 and an Arduino V

Dual Motor Driver As Robot Base V

ESPWroom02 Breakout Board V

Fedora Linux 37 Released with Linux 6.0, GNOME 43, and Official Raspberry Pi 4 Support V

Graphene scientists explore electronic materials with nanoscale curved geometries

HackSpace magazine #61

Hard to crack hardware

High-temperature superconductivity in lanthanum, yttrium, and cerium ternary hydrides

How does radiation travel through dense plasma?

Hundreds of Renesas’ Intersil-Brand Radiation-Hardened ICs Lift Off Onboard Artemis 1 Mission to the Moon

IBM and Vodafone Join Forces in Exploration of Quantum Computing Technology and Quantum-Safe Cryptography

Improving the Performance of Electrodeless Plasma Thrusters for Space Propulsion

Intel Introduces Real-Time Deepfake Detector

ITMO Researchers Twist Particles Using Quantum Entanglement

LED Matrix 32x16 RGB & Ultrasonic Sensor V

Liftoff! NASA’s Artemis I Mega Rocket Launches Orion to Moon V

MIDI Host4RaspberryPi

Mini DIY H-Bridge made from Fets V

Modular Display Clock

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Investigates Intriguing Martian Bedrock V

New nanoscale 3D printing material designed by Stanford engineers could offer better structural protection for satellites, drones, and microelectronics

NIST’s Grid of Quantum Islands Could Reveal Secrets for Powerful Technologies

NXP Introduces High-Performance S32K39 Series MCUs for Modern Electrification Applications

onsemi’s New Approach to Inductive Position Sensing Speeds Up Time-to-Market

PCB Hotplate Mini Edition V

Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) Synthesizer


RDH RasDuinoHat SDK - Concept Beta Arduino Raspberry PiHat

Renesas to Bolster Low-Power WAN Product Line with NB-IoT-Capable Wireless Module

Renesas Unveils First Family of Automotive Radar Transceivers with Industry’s Highest Accuracy and Lowest Power Consumption

Researchers learn to engineer growth of crystalline materials consisting of nanometer-size gold clusters

Scientists Build Nanoscale Parapets, Aqueducts, and Other Shapes

Silent Alarm Clock With OLED Display

Single axis solar tracker project tutorial

Stream Deck V


Technion and MIT collaborate to transform bacterial cells into living artificial neural circuits. Applications include biomanufacturing and therapeutics

The Most Comprehensive Guide to Programming the AT24C32 / AT24C64

With new heat treatment, 3D-printed metals can withstand extreme conditions

Arduino Home Maker Robot V

Arduino Thin Client V

Bringing next-level 3D gaming to life with Arm Immortalis

BYU profs create new micro nuclear reactor to produce nuclear energy more safely

Creating a pick and place control board with the RP2040

Custom 16x16 WS2812 Mini Matrix Project

DIY Neon Mood Lamp V

Drive a pneumatic system using a single chip

Ensuring AI works with the right dose of curiosity

Faster and more Efficient Computer Chips Thanks to Germanium

First Run 3 physics result by CMS

How MIRI became Webb’s coolest instrument

IBM Unveils 400 Qubit-Plus Quantum Processor and Next-Generation IBM Quantum System Two V

Integrating Robotics, Materials Science to Capture Solar Energy

Intel NUC 13 Extreme Sets New Standard for Gaming Performance

IR Remote Tester and Decoder V

Magnetic Quantum Fluid: Extremely Fluid In Two Ways

Max Planck spin-off develops more efficient batteries

MediaTek Launches Flagship Dimensity 9200 Chipset for Incredible Performance and Unmatched Power Savings

Micron DDR5 Memory Now Available for 4th Gen AMD EPYC Processors

MIT engineers develop a low-cost terahertz camera

Nanocomp 6809 8 Bit Retro Computer on Breadboards V

Neutrinos out of the blue

New Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Transceivers Offer Precision Timing Protocol to Optimize Process Automation Functionality

New materials could enable longer-lasting implantable batteries

New quantum phase discovered for developing hybrid materials

New Quasiparticle Discovered In Moiré Patterns

New Theory of Electron Spin to Aid Quantum Devices

Offering Unmatched Performance, Leadership Energy Efficiency and Next-Generation Architecture, AMD Brings 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ Processors to The Modern Data Center V

OpenCV Oil Tank Gauge Reader with Home Assistant Integration

Out of the blue - New blue quantum dot technology could lead to more energy-efficient displays

Pieca: A Raspberry Pi Camera System for Leica M Mount Lenses V

Quantum sensors for GPS-free orientation

Raspberry Pi Pico & WizFi360 Wireless Thermography

Samsung Electronics Begins Mass Production of 8th-Gen Vertical NAND With Industry’s Highest Bit Density

Scientists discover exotic quantum state at room temperature

Single phase asynchronous motors VFD mini Inverter

Smarter sensor sniffs out target gases

SpaceFox V


Structural Determination of Complex Anion Materials by an Interdisciplinary Approach

Synthetic black holes radiate like real ones

Temperature Measuring Without Any Sensors In NRF52832 V

WiFiBOX - Packet Monitor with Waterfall Plot using ESP32 V

Wooden RPN Calculator V

Zeal 8-bit OS V


A new quantum component made from graphene

A VGA Computer Based on ESP32 and FabGL With Sound, Graphics

AMD Unveils World’s Most Advanced Gaming Graphics Cards, Built on Groundbreaking AMD RDNA 3 Architecture with Chiplet Design

Bacterial sensors send a jolt of electricity when triggered V

Borrowing a shape from a to-go cup lid, a drone wing could learn how to sense danger faster

BYOPM – Bring Your Own Password Manager

Can cosmic inflation be ruled out?

China Launches Experimental Satellite into Space

China successfully launches final part of its three-module space station, to complete T-shape structure assembly

DIY Arduino based wire cutting machine V

Engineering students from the UPC create a 3D-printed functional robotic arm

Enlightened route to wireless communications

Entering a New Phase: NIST Technique Simultaneously Locates Multiple Defects on Microchip Circuits

Float Bot for Water Tank V

High Power LED Board V

Higher speeds in free-space optical communications in the midinfrared band

In machine learning, synthetic data can offer real performance improvements

Introducing a novel molecular orbital interaction that stabilises cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries

IR Remote Controlled Car Using a Protoshield V

ITMO Scientists Create Method to Quickly Detect Painting Authenticity

LSU Researchers Collaborate to Better Understand the Weak Nuclear Force

Machine learning facilitates “turbulence tracking” in fusion reactors

Method to char­ac­ter­ize large quan­tum com­put­ers

NASA Prepares to Say ‘Farewell’ to InSight Spacecraft

New advances in understanding glass-to-liquid transition

New form of uni­ver­sal quan­tum com­put­ers

New MicroBooNE Analysis Takes a Closer Look at the Sterile Neutrino

New Tech Solves Longstanding Challenges for Self-Healing Materials

New technology developed for single-cell analysis

NYU Tandon researchers explore a more frictionless future

Quantum dots form ordered material

Renesas Introduces New ASIL B Power Management IC Ideal for Automotive Camera Applications

Researchers 3D print degradable polymers using salt

Samsung Launches AccE Glass-Free Detector for X-Ray Imaging

Saving Power On An ESP8266 Web Server Using Delays

Scoppy Oscilloscope - Part 1. Getting Started V

Sculptural - Customizable - Plywood Lamp


Simplest Stereo Preamplifier Ever V

Smart Energy Consumption Meter | IoT


SpaceX launches Hotbird 13G telecom satellite, lands rocket at sea V

‘Stretched’ nuclear states under the magnifying glass at the Cracow cyclotron

TDA2030 Amplifier Has Amazing Performance V

The Answer is in the Sheets: 2D Nanosheets as Anodes in Li-Ion Batteries

The Trash Printer - Version 3 V

These engineers drew inspiration from geometrical frustration

TI unifies fragmented IoT ecosystems with Matter-enabled wireless MCU software

Ultra-cold mini twisters

Using sound to model the world V

UW–Madison researchers key in revealing neutrinos emanating from galactic neighbor with a gigantic black hole

Visualizing Sorting Algorithms V

Weather station

World’s first optical atomic clock with highly charged ions