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Simple Indoor VOCs Detection and Alarm System

By utilizing the Seeed Studio hardware and Azure IoT Central, we could build a simple indoor VOC detection and alarm system.


VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are responsible for the odor of scents, perfumes, and contaminants. Anthropogenic VOCs are legally restricted, particularly indoors, where concentrations are highest. Though most VOCs are not acutely hazardous, some of them may be harmful to human health or the environment and thereby cause long-term health consequences.

Main sources of volatile organic compounds:

Outdoor: mainly from the industrial waste gas, automobile exhaust gas, and photochemical pollution generated by fuel combustion and transportation;

Indoor: mainly comes from burning products such as coal and natural gas, smoking, heating and cooking, building and decoration materials, furniture, household appliances, cleaners, and emissions from the human body. In the interior decoration process, volatile organic compounds mainly come from paint, coat, and adhesives.

As a result, it is essential to detect and monitor the VOC concentration in the house to maintain a safe living environment. By utilizing the Seeed Studio Wio Terminal and the Grove - VOC and eCO2 Gas Sensor (SGP30) to build a simple VOC detecting device, and connecting with Microsoft Azure IoT Central as the data management platform, we could build a simple indoor VOC detection and alarm system on our own.

This project requires no code.”

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