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Single phase asynchronous motors VFD mini Inverter

VFD scalar inverter for single phase asynchronous motors (max 500W). The name is MST_K05VF

For applications with low power asynchronous motors, an inverter has been designed with the initials MST_K05VF. This is a VFD mini inverter with which you can regulate all asynchronous motors with powers up to 500W (just over 0.5Hp). It is particularly suitable for controlling fan motors (axial and tangential), pillar drills, asynchronous washing machine motors (old style).

The regulation is of the scalar type with the V / F technique: the frequency F and the amplitude V of the power supply sinusoid are varied, keeping their ratio constant in order to keep the stator flux constant and therefore the torque of the motor. The architecture of the inverter is the same as that of the MST_KVF inverter. The substantial difference lies in the power stage which is made with an intelligent power module (IPM = Intelligent Power Module) which allows for a compact and optimized circuit in the management of power and any faults (short circuits, overheating, etc.).”

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