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One USB C-Type, endless possibilities! Check out my latest project, enabling Ethernet on the Pico using just a single USB C-Type connect

Hello. I’ve come up with a groundbreaking idea. It’s a USB C-Type Connector that can handle both USB and Ethernet communications.

As shown in the above image, I’m looking to create an incredibly compact board by combining the Raspberry Pi Pico board with the WIZnet W5500 and USB C-Type Connector, enabling simultaneous USB and Ethernet communication.

The image above shows the pin map for the USB C-Type connector. It includes USB 2.0 pins D+ and D-, power pins, additional power-related pins, and two pairs of differential lines that support USB 3.0 and above.

Two pairs of Differential Lines in USB 3.0 are used for Ethernet, and the rest follow the existing use of the USB C-Type.

Impedance doesn’t seem to be an issue, as Ethernet operates at 100 ohms, and USB operates at 90 ohms, with the difference being minimal.

The overall circuit diagram matches the Pico board. The crucial points are as shown in the image above. In any case, an external LAN transformer is needed, so a separate transformer design has been implemented. There were some challenges in designing the MDI circuit, but they have been successfully resolved. I won’t go into details.”

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