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I fully designed from scratch every single piece of this project to create a cool glowing Magic LED Cube, mainly made for light animation and basically could be explored for decoration of Electronics Labs.

Designed around the awesome RP2040 Microcontroller and Built with a full of electronics passion

All the used items are fully documented through this post and you have all the necessary files that you need to rebuild this project so just follow the steps.

What you will learn here:
- The basic circuit setup for RP2040 MCU
- Some Electronics assembly tips
- The advantage of use of WS28xx LEDs
- Certainly you will get inspired from this project for more creativity

The needed tools:
- Solder Plate (You can use the Uyue 948S+ model)
- Solder Iron
- Low temperature Profile solder paste
- Solder paste deposit spatula
The needed software:
- Altium designer as ECAD for PCB drawing
- Solidworks as CAD for housing designing
- Cura as slicer for 3D printing
- Arduino IDE

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