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Hot Glue LED Matrix Lamp

An interesting light display using 64 glue sticks and 128 WS2812B RGB LED strips.

This lamp was based on a similar lamp called “Fiber Optic” LED Matrix by jbumstead. Using OpenSCAD, the goal was to replace the 12mm Diffused Digital RGB LED used in jbumstead’s design with cheap WS2812B RGB strips and to make the container for the LEDs and electronics as thin as possible allowing cheaper 7mm glue sticks to be used.

Printing the Case
The only part that requires supports is “Hot Glue Matrix - Bottom.stl”. I used a 0.2mm layer height and a 15% infill. I found that by increasing the hole size using a 19/64” drill after printing made it easier to insert the glue sticks into their respective holes.”

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