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The idea for this project came to me during the construction of my previous project “Half Square Triangles Kinetic Art”. The project was quite difficult to complete, I succeeded, it’s true, but I wanted to completely remake the project on other bases. That’s how this concept of “HST LED Art” was born, meaning I used LEDs to display half square triangles models. Interestingly, during the design, I discovered that the LED arrangement I used can have other purposes: it can be a matrix display of 8x16 LEDs, it can be a display of 8x8 LEDs with 2 LEDs each in every cell… And there are a lot of projects based on matrix displays, my way of arranging LEDs can be applied to many of these projects, bringing a new approach… Some examples are here on instructables:

Arduino RGB Matrix Word Clock
Table Gadget With 8x8 LED RGB Matrix and Arduino Uno
VERBIS - Desktop 8x8 RGB LED Matrix Word Clock
ROME Clock
For example, in my Verbis WordClock project, a blend is made between two colors to emphasize the words of the hour. The blend is made with a single LED, but with this project it could be done with two LEDs, one LED for one color, another LED for the other color and the ‘blend’ could be much more natural.

So in the end, the Half Square Triangles Kinetic Art becomes the Half Square Triangles LED Art :)”

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