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Home Automation System

This Home Automation System is design to control the speed of fan to cool the light bulb and perform several different functions.

This system is designed to control the speed of the fan to cool a light bulb.

We decided to build this project because today’s light bulbs tend to heat and this can cause blast in the house. Which could turn out to be a huge fire accident! So, we have made an automation system which could be controlled by your smartphone. This will cool out the bulb and the speed also you can control by just sitting and do the work.

There are 5 speed in the fan which can be controlled by the ‘volume up and down ‘buttons of the IR remote. The fan can be turned on by the ‘2’ button of the IR remote. The bulb can be turned on and off by the ‘1’ button of the IR remote. All the button you press will be displayed in the LCD. So, you can say this is a user friendly project.”

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