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A Minimalist LED Lamp

In this article, I am thrilled to present a project that I recently conceived a unique watch (yes, another watch!) with a twist (maybe a future project). I’ve reimagined the initial concept, made it as a lamp and I realized that would be a perfect participant for the Rainbow contest.
The essence of this project lies in its minimalistic charm, which extends to various aspects. Not only is the design elegantly minimalist, but its components have been streamlined to simplicity. The electronic part boasts a bare minimum of components, and the software has been crafted to cater to those embarking on their journey with addressable LEDs such as WS2812, leveraging the excellent FastLED library.
I hope you’ll start this exciting project, as it’s capable to bring you great satisfaction and joy.
Let’s get to work! :)


- 3D printed parts - STL files are attached below and are also on Tinkercad, and they could be edited, the parts are 100% made with Tinkercad’s editor;
- one Arduino Nano board;
- 36 WS2812 LEDs ( from a piece of 60LED/m L:ED strip);
- 5V/2A power supply and a corresponding female DC plug with wire;
- wires, hot glue, some scrap nuts.”

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