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Made a cone-shaped RGB Lamp from scratch, The lamp consists of WS2812 LEDs that are controlled by an XIAO MCU.

Hello everyone, and here’s something flashy: a cone-shaped RGB Lamp built from scratch using custom 3D-printed parts and basic electronics, which includes a WS2812 RGB LED and a Seeed XIAO M0 MCU.

The whole setup is powered by a single 3.7V 2900mAh Li-ion cell; the RGB LEDs and XIAO require 5V for operation, so there’s a power management IC connected to the Li-ion cell to boost its 3.7V to a stable 5V and also charge the battery properly.

This Article is about how this Lamp Project was built and how you can make it in a few easy steps.

Let’s get started

Material Required
Following were the materials used in this built-

- Custom PCBs provided by Seeed Studio
- Seeed XIAO MO Dev Board
- WS2812 LEDs
- Potentiometer
- Li-Ion Cell 3.7V–2200mAh
- IP5306 IC
- 1uf CAP
- 10K Resistor
- 1uH Inductor
- Female Header Pins
- DC Barrel Jack
- Rocker Switch
- 3D-printed parts”

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