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We’re learning how to “hack” a bluetooth toy car by building a custom remote for it. using arduino and a gyroscope.

In this tutorial we’re going to build a custom remote control for the ZenWheels microcar. The ZenWheels microcar is a 5 cm toy car that is controllable through an Android or Iphone application. I’m going to show you how to reverse engineer the Android application to find out about the communication protocol and how you can build a remote control using arduino and a gyroscope.

Step 1: Components & Tools

1. The ZenWheels microcar
2. Arduino pro mini 328p
3. Breadboard
4. MPU6050 gyroscope
5. power source <=5 v (some battery that we can attach to the breadboard)
6. U-shape jumper cables (optional). I’ve used these jumper cables because they look better on the breadboard. Regular jumper cables can be used instead
7. HC-05 bluetooth module (with a button for entering AT mode)

1. USB to serial FTDI adapter FT232RL to programm the Arduino pro mini
2. Arduino IDE
3. Android Phone
4. Android Studio [Optional]”

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