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Electromagnetic Field Meter (EMF meter)

A small portable EMF meter to detect and measure magnetic fields

This portable Electromagnetic Field Meter (EMF meter) is a rebuild of Marco Zonca’s Magnetic Field Meter range +- 200mT (milliTesla). The hardware has been redesigned to run from a 3.7V Li-ion battery and the software has been updated for the new hardware.

Hardware design
The original version by Marco Zonca used a Arduino Nano. I decided to replace it with a ATtiny1614 microprocessor. This processor has a very low power consumption in sleep mode. The redesign is powered by a 3.7V Li-on battery and includes a J5019 Lithium Battery Boost and Charging module to charge the battery and to provide 5V for the AH3503 Ratiometric Linear Hall Effect Sensor.”

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