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Laser Infrared Thermometer

Build a digital laser infrared thermometer with a custom 3D printed enclosure

This is my remake of the Arduino Laser Infrared Thermometer by MnMakerMan. The main change to the original design was to replace the Arduino Nano with a ATtiny1614 microprocessor. A custom PCB was also made to tidy up the internal wiring.

The major change was to replace the Arduino Nano with a ATtiny1614 microprocessor.

To keep everything tidy and because the ATtiny1614 only comes as a Surface Mount Device (SMD) a printed circuit board was designed to hold the microprocessor, voltage regulator, a couple of capacitors and pin headers for the various connections to the sensor, OLED display, switch, laser and battery.

The Eagle files have been included should you wish to have the board commercially made or you can do as I did and make it yourself. I used the Toner method.

3D printing
The only addition to the original files is a small insert that sits inside that case that the PCB is screwed onto. All files were printed using a 0.2mm layer height.”

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