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10-Month Voyage Proves Solar Cell Material Survives, Thrives in Space

A better way to match 3D volumes

A Device That Can be (Almost) Anything V

An electric vehicle battery for all seasons

Arduino Based Embroidery Machine V

Automatic Pour Over Coffee Machine V

Boost for the quan­tum inter­net

Brick a Bottle or Three V

Building a Temperature Controller Simulator Using OpenPLC and an Arduino

Chiming Digital Clock

Chip-based QKD achieves higher transmission speeds

CircuitPython 8.1.0 Released

CMOS Homemade Operational Amplifier

DigiPclock - a Digital Pocket Clock V

Driving on sunshine: clean, usable liquid fuels made from solar power

DSU Bedroom Door Monitor


Electron Dynamics in Real Time

Emo - Your personal companion robot V

ESPClicker V

Flexing Crystalline Structures Provide Path to a Solid Energy Future


Galagino - ESP32 Arcade V

Helping robots handle fluids

High-quality 2D films could be one-drop away

How I Built A Guitar Picking Robot V

How to Make a Voltaic Pile - the World’s First Battery

Intel Agilex® 7 FPGAs with R-Tile Deliver Industry-Leading Bandwidth for CPUs – Now in Production

IoT Pizza Finder

ISOLDE takes a solid tick forward towards a nuclear clock

Keeping time with an atomic nucleus

KhadashPay V2.0 (Raspberry Pi Pico Version)

Laser Infrared Thermometer

Latest Top500 List Highlights World’s Fastest and Most Energy Efficient Supercomputers are Powered by AMD

Logic Lab

Meet Perovskite, the Material Shaping the Future of Solar Energy

Microchip Extends its Radiation-Tolerant Family of Gigabit Ethernet PHYs

Midbar V5.0

Mini OLED Panel Meter V

My Own DC-DC Buck Converter Module

NASA Scientists Make First Observation of a Polar Cyclone on Uranus

NIST Team Demonstrates Novel Way to Convert Heat to Electricity

‘Noise-cancelling’ qubits developed at UChicago to minimize errors in quantum computers

Novel 3D printing method a ‘game changer’ for discovery, manufacturing of new materials

NVIDIA, Jülich Supercomputing Centre and ParTec to Build Quantum Computing Lab

Omni Wheel Robot – A Robot That Can Move In Any Direction V

Quantum scientists accurately measure power levels one trillion times lower than usual

Raspberry Pi Pico W WiFi Robot Car V

Researchers Develop Calcium Rechargeable Battery with Long Cycle Life

Researchers use nuclear spins neighboring a lanthanide atom in a crystal to create Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger quantum states

RF Signal Generator AD9912 DDS 500MHz Arduino Shield

Robotic Arm V

Scientists propose revolution in complex systems modelling with quantum technologies

Sir Box-a-Lot: an 8-bit Sokoban clone V

Smart Irrigation System V

SMD Hot Plate (Jumbo Version) V

Sprite Lights V

Stretching Metals Allows Researchers to Create Materials for Quantum, Electronic and Spintronic Applications

SYNTHESIZER made from scratch V

Team uses 3D printing to strengthen a key material in aerospace, energy-generation applications

Toshiba Releases Small Photorelay with High Speed Turn-On Time that Helps Shorten Test Time for Semiconductor Testers

Twisting Under the Stroboscope – Controlling Crystal Lattices of Hybrid Solar Cell Materials with Terahertz Light

Uncovering universal physics in the dynamics of a quantum system

Using data to write songs for progress

Virgin Galactic aces final test spaceflight, eyes start of commercial service in June

Water filter system V

Wiring up Quantum Circuits with Light

3D knitted robots V

7 Band Audio Spectrum Analyzer

Ampere Computing Unveils New AmpereOne Processor Family with 192 Custom Cores

Arcade Stacker Game

Astronomers observe the first radiation belt seen outside of our solar system

Bolt Bots - Micro Servo Droids V

Building a Guitar Pedal Prototype with a Feather

Carve Custom Wooden Game Pieces! ($12 CNC Upgrade) V

‘Charge Density Wave’ Linked to Atomic Distortions in Would-be Superconductor

Chip Manufacturing ‘Ideal Application’ for AI, NVIDIA CEO Says V

Compress to impress with AI hardware

Curved spacetime in a quantum simulator

Discovery unlocks thermal energy storage optimization

DIY Solar Panel Monitoring System V2.0 V

DIY YouTube Subscriber Counter V

Donkey Car V

Driving an Unknown Salvaged ST7567 or ST7565 SPI LCD Display

Exploring Machine Learning with the new XIAO ESP32S3

Harnessing Machine Learning to Make Complex Systems More Energy Efficient

Massive Neutron Star Has a Strange Heart

Microchip Releases Updated Programmer and Debugger Development Tools

MIDILodica V

Mini Cyclone Game on WS2812 LED Ring and Arduino Nano V

NASA, Partners Achieve Fastest Space-to-Ground Laser Comms Link

NASA’s Juno Mission Getting Closer to Jupiter’s Moon Io

NASA’s Spitzer, TESS Find Potentially Volcano-Covered Earth-Size World

New Long-Reaching USB 3.2 Compatible Reclocker/Redriver Devices for Automotive and Industrial Applications

New material facilitates search for room-temperature superconductivity

New nontoxic powder uses sunlight to quickly disinfect contaminated drinking water

New priming method improves battery life, efficiency

New transparent augmented reality display opens possibilities to see digital content in real-time

NXP and TSMC to Deliver Industry’s First Automotive 16 nm FinFET Embedded MRAM

Object Tracking on myCobot 280 Jetson Nano: A Case Study

Operational amplifier AC amplifier

Origami heat shield: reusable for reentries

Overload Motor Protection System V

Paradox RoboRumble Robot

Researchers develop clever algorithm to improve our understanding of particle beams in accelerators

Researchers Discover Twisted Fields Around Mysterious Fast Radio Burst

Researchers make indoor light energy breakthrough for wearable health sensors

Samsung Electronics Announces Most Advanced 12nm-Class DDR5 DRAM Has Started Mass Production

Saturn Re-takes the Moon Crown

Secure Door Access Control and Email Alert System

STMicroelectronics introduces its second generation of Industry 4.0-ready Edge AI powered microprocessors

Stratolaunch Successfully Completes Separation Test of Talon-A Vehicle

Tape Cutter (Parametric OpenSCAD)

The Group Decode ROM: The 8086 processor’s first step of instruction decoding

Titanic: First ever full-sized scans reveal wreck as never seen before

Toshiba Launches Small and Thin Common-Drain MOSFET Featuring Very Low On-Resistance Suitable for Quick Charging Devices

Variable Power Supply

3-Mode Bluetooth Robot V

3D-printed Polymer Substrate Coated with Photocatalytic Film Developed for Efficient Water Purification

A DC Block to Measure Low Frequencies

A manual for engineering spin dynamics in nanomagnets

A new material could enable more efficient magnet-based computer memory

Approaching the Mystery of Dark Matter -Improving the Performance of a Sub-Millimeter Size “Superconducting Transition-Edge Sensor Microcalorimeter” for Detecting Solar Axion

Bacteria: radioactive elements replace essential rare earth metals

Battery Board for PALPi Game Console V

Boldly Building My Own Droid: A Journey Inspired by Star War V

Custom Job Hour Meter Display

DIY Sensitive STM32 Pulse Indiction Metal Detector (Arduino IDE) V

EPFL discovery brings us closer to next-generation electronics

ESP-NOW Remote Control

Floating Display Clock V

Images From NASA’s Perseverance May Show Record of Wild Martian River

Jellybeans – a sweet solution for overcrowded circuitry in quantum computer chips V

Manga Reader ESP8266 V

Manufacturing and metrology considerations are key when designing with freeform optics

Measuring the Speed of Sound in Gases as a Means of Identifying Them

Moisture-Duck V

NASA’s Webb Takes Closest Look Yet at Mysterious Planet

New commercial fuel cell factory delivers on Los Alamos National Laboratory technology

New Raspberry Pi OS Update Arrives with Linux Kernel 6.1

New technology developed for quantum cryptography applications

Next-Generation onsemi 1200 V EliteSiC M3S Devices Enhance Efficiency of Electric Vehicles and Energy Infrastructure Applications

NodeMCU Home Automation Project With Cadio V

NUS scientists develop a novel light-field sensor for 3D scene construction with unprecedented angular resolution

Portable LDR Auto Light Controller V

Scale separation: breaking down unsolvable problems into solvable ones


Silicon Carbide E-Fuse Demonstrator Provides a Faster, More Reliable Method for Protecting Power Electronics in Electric Vehicle Applications

Smart Extension Board with ESP8266 V

SpaceX launches 51 Starlink satellites, lands rocket on ship at sea

The influence of AI on trust in human interaction

The Pico Dev M3 Board Transforms into a Rotary Encoder V

The World’s Smallest WiFi Motion Alarm

This algorithm can make satellite signals act like GPS

This startup says its first fusion plant is five years away. Experts doubt it

TI helps maximize EV driving range with SiC gate driver

Tim’s I2C Intelligent DC Motor Driver V

TinyML Made Easy: Image Classification

Toshiba Releases Digital Isolators that Contribute to Stable High-Speed Isolated Data Transmissions in Industrial Applications

UAH space science faculty advances modelling of energetic neutral atoms to better understand solar flares and coronal mass ejections

Webb Looks for Fomalhaut’s Asteroid Belt and Finds Much More

With new experimental method, researchers probe spin structure in 2D materials for first time

30 years of a free and open Web V

555 Timer Brushless DC Motor Driver Board

Arduino Wi-Fi AC Energy Meter

BQ25896 ATMega32U4 Lithium Battery Charger with Powerbank V

Building ‘Arduino As ISP’ Using Arduino Nano to Program ATtiny85

Creating a Stylish Triangular Pixels LED Clock Using WS2812 Leds and Wemos D1 Mini Module V

FAU physicists measure and control electron release from metals in the attosecond range

Highly Dexterous Robot Hand Can Operate in the Dark — Just Like Us V

Homebrew PCB Exposure Box Using an Old Printer Scanner! V

In a first, astronomers spot a star swallowing a planet V

Latest NVIDIA Graphics Research Advances Generative AI’s Next Frontier V

Light amplification by stimulated emission from electrically driven colloidal quantum dots finally achieved

Lithography-Free Photonic Chip Offers Speed and Accuracy for Artificial Intelligence

Magnetic imaging unlocks crucial property of 2D superconductor

Metal trees in the battery

New chemistry can extract virgin-grade materials from wind turbine blades in one process

New Study of Uranus’ Large Moons Shows 4 May Hold Water

New toolchain and software package from STMicroelectronics ease development of edge processing with intelligent inertial sensors

NIO and NXP Collaborate on 4D Imaging Radar Deployment

Optical neural networks hold promise for image processing

Piem Machine V

Quan­tum com­puter in reverse gear

Quantum Entanglement of Photons Doubles Microscope Resolution

Quantum lidar prototype acquires real-time 3D images while fully submerged underwater

R2D2 Mini Edition V

Researchers capture elusive missing step in the final act of photosynthesis

Researchers create a tool for accurately simulating complex systems

Researchers detect and classify multiple objects without images

Scientists take an important step towards using quantum computers to advance materials science

Simple ESP8266 NTP Clock on VFD Display VFD256x50 GP1287 V

The Moon’s heart revealed for the first time

The world’s first wood transistor

Uno Plus+

Using quantum physics to secure wireless devices