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Made a custom battery board for my DIY RPI retro game console.

I recently created the sixth iteration of my PALPi Game Emulation Device Series, and it had a battery problem. I therefore prepared a simple battery board, which is a PCB that contains two lithium cells added into an SMD battery holder. The battery is charged by the onboard lithium charging IC, and the whole board fits on the back side of the PALPI lower body.

PALPI can operate with a backup of more than 3 hours thanks to the battery board, which is more than enough.

This article is about how this project was made, so let’s get started with the build.

Materials Required
These were the materials used in this built-

- Custom PCBs
- TP4056
- 1uF 1206 Capacitor
- 1K 0603 Resistor
- Dual 18650 Cell holder
- 3.7V 2900mAh Cell X2
- Rocker switch
- CON2 JST connector
- USB Micro Port”

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