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Hey everyone what’s up!
So this is my RecalBox based handheld gaming console aka the PALPi

Its name is PALPi because it uses a composite PAL Display.
When I was little I love playing games like Pokemon, contra, super Mario, Final Fantasy, and other games mostly on Gameboy advance and that game console that we hooked up with our CRT TVs to run great old stuff.
Well, nowadays we can just download the retro game ROM and open it up in an emulator and play that game on our laptop and mobile devices.
But as a maker, I wanted to do something different, so I prepared this handheld retro gaming console setup which is powered by a Raspberry pi zero, the OS that I’m using here is the Recalbox os. It’s a decent Emulator OS that also comes with few preloaded games.
This whole setup is powered by an IP5306 IC which is a 5V 2A Constant Boost IC. It’s used in a power bank circuit which is ideal for powering a Raspberry Pi zero.
In this Instructables, I’m gonna show you guys how you can set up this gaming console and make a Complete handheld Gameboy that can emulate any retro game that you can imagine.
(Also, the First Half of this project contains the breadboard version and the second half contains the PCB Edition)

Material Required

These are the things that we need for this build

Raspberry pi zero
16GB memory card (8GB will work as well but I wanted to add many games in it so I choose this instead)
HDMI to micro HDMI adaptor
5V 2 A Charger/ PowerBank that can output stable 2A
USB to micro USB adaptor
RecalBox os image file/ Raspberry Pi Image Flasher
Regular Pushbuttons
Custom PCB
IP5306 IC
10uf 0805 Capacitors
USB Port
USB Micro Port
Li-ion Battery with CON2 Connector wire
CON2 Connector
10k 0603 Resistance
2R 0805 Resistance
Vertical Push Button”

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