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Made yet another Raspberry Pi Based Retro Game Console

The IDEA here was to make a portable handheld gaming console that can run RETRO Games like Contra, Pokemon, Super Mario ETC.

For Display, I’ve used a 4 inch Car Monitor Display which is controlled by Composit PAL output.

As for the emulation OS, I used RECALBOX as it comes with many preinstalled games.

In this article, I’m gonna show you guys the whole built process for this Retro Game Console.

Following are the things I used in this built-

- Custom PCB (which was provided by PCBWAY)
- IP5306 IC
- 10uf 1206 Package Capacitor x8
- 2R 0805 Package x1
- 1K 0603 Package x2
- 10uH Inductor x1
- SMD Button x1
- Indicator LEDs x4
- THT USB Micro Port x1
- Li-ion Cells 3.7V 2600mah
- Female Header pins Con40 x1 (or use two CON20 Pin)
- Toggle switch x13
- Raspberry Pi Model 3B+
- 4 inch PAL Display (salvaged from CAR MONITOR)
- 3D Printed Body
- DC Barrel Jack
- 5V Barrel Adaptor (for charging the Li-ion cell)”

Link to article