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Make a Remote Temp Sensor with Permanent Display inside your House

Most of us use a phone app to see the temperature outside - which is fine if you don’t mind receiving a reading from a sensor located at a meteorological station somewhere nearby.

And when we finally do set up our own IoT sensors, to see them, we need to open an app, or log onto a webpage.

No device needed
But what if you want to know the temperate outside your own house without opening a device? You want your outside temperature to be displayed permanently inside your house so that it’s visible whenever you want, and anywhere you want to see it. (Even in multiple rooms…)

This post explains how to do it. A temp sensor outside sends its reading to a screen inside the house. It’s all done with inexpensive components and a few wires and connections. If you already have a Raspberry Pi, you’re already nearly there.

- Two Wemos D1 minis - about $2 each.
- One SSD1306 0.96 inch screen - about $2.
- DS18B20 waterproof temp sensor - $1.
- 4.7k resistor
- Raspberry Pi running Node Red and MQTT (Any model RasPi will do, but if you’re running a full Home Automation System, better a Pi 3+ or 4).
- Power supply for both Wemos chips. (I use an 18650 battery and solar panel for the outside sensor. More about that below.)”

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