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DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Box

Simple DS18B20 based temperature sensor appliance with open source 3D printable box and prototype PCB.
The box and the prototype PCB is optional, only one ESP8266 based MCU is needed and one DS18B20 temperature sensor. I suggest to you a WEMOS D1 mini, but this example works with an ESP-01 as well.
This example does explain how to write and upload an Arduino program to the ESP8266 MCU, so be aware of this skill before following me. :)

Must have:
- ESP8266 MCU
- DS18B20
- one 4.7 kOhm resistor
- some wire

Optionally have:
- WEMOS D1 mini as MCU
- prototype PCB for WEMOS D1 mini
- 3D printed box”

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