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Eduino WiFi

Eduino WiFi is a DIY Arduino UNO compatible WiFi development board based on the ESP8266EX. I have designed it to teach children soldering, electronics, programming and to build IOT enabled devices.

One design goal was to keep the board as simple as possible to solder. For absolute beginners I pre-assemble the SMT parts.

The board is supported by the ESP8266 project on github:

You can download the project files from here:

If you want to know more about my work: There is an arcticle from our local newspaper

11 digital input / output pins. All pins support interrupt, PWM, I2C one-wire (except for D0)

1 analog input (3.2V max. Input voltage)

USB B connector

Power supply socket, 6-12 V input voltage

Switching of the supply voltage via two Texas Instruments power-distribution switches (TPS2041 / TPS2051)

Current limitation for both supply voltages (USB / VIn)

Overcurrent display via two red LEDs

PIC 16F1455 as USB microcontroller with official sublicense of USB VID/PID (0x04D8/0xECC6) from Microchip

Reverse polarity protection up to 30V for VIn

Compatible with Arduino

Compatible with NodeMcu

All of the IO pins run at 3.3V and are not 5V tolerant”

Link to article