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Made an enlarged Minecraft sword incorporating RGB lights and an ESP8266 Board.

The concept was to create a full-sized Minecraft sword with RGB LEDs fitted in order to create a wall light with a Minecraft theme.

This 3D printed light is powered by a straightforward ESP12F circuit coupled to a customized RGB LED PCB.

Due to the length of the sword, we had to split the model into five parts, which we then put together using nuts and bolts to form the entire sword.

The whole article is about how this project was built, so let’s get started.

Materials Required
These were the materials used in this project-

- Custom PCBs
- ESP12F Module
- WS2812 LEDs
- 100nF Capacitor 0603 Package
- 10K Resistor 0805 Package
- DC Barrel Jack Vertical
- 3mm LED
- 1K Resistor 0805 Package
- AMS1117
- 10uF Capacitor 1206
- 1uF Capacitor 1296
- M7 Diode
- 3D-printed parts
- M3 Nut and Bolts”

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