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USB Dev Board for PIC18F14k50

Open Source projects where we struggle with engineering, electronics, coding and who knows what else… Night USB is a very small USB dev board for the PIC18F14k50, so hopefully you may find it interesting ;)

The PIC18F14k50 is USB-2.0 fully compatible, so this small dev board aims to explore the USB communication: Simulating mouse, keyboard, make small scripts for BADUSB behaviour… And so much else can be done with this microcontroller! However, it does not count on isolation between the PIC and the USB, so it should be handled quite carefully.

On the other hand, most of the IO pins of the PIC18F are available in the board, so even if you dont have any project with an USB, you can use the board as a normal dev board.

This project is finished, and the provided .hex file and software code is tested. The code simulates a small movement of the mouse every 15s, with a small blink of the LED. This will keep your PC alive for longer sesions of automated tests or anything else. (NOT FOR Remote work abuse!!)”

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