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RHT Device - Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor

RHT Device is a very simple relative humidity and temperature sensor that shows the data in the screen. The project was chosen to test the I2C communication of the PIC18F14k50.


You will need the following components (For V1 revision):

- 1x PCB v1 (Thanks to PCBWAY to sponsor this project!)
- 1x HTU20D(F)
- 1x PIC18LF14K50-I/PT or PIC18F14K50-I/PT
- 4x NPN 600mA
- 4x 220 Ohm resistor (0805 metrics)
- 4x 4K7 Ohm resistor (0805 metrics)
- 5x 10K Ohm resistor (0805 metrics)
- 1x Buzzer 5V
- 3x 100nF Capacitor (0805 metrics)
- 1x CR2032 Battery Holder
- 1x 4-Display 8 digits (3461AS)
- 1x Tactile Push Buttons
- 1x ZLLS410TA diode”

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