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Open Source StopWatch

This project is a simple StopWatch for measuring times on different processes or activities. The project was chosen to test some 4-layers PCBs and experiment with the XLP (Extreme Low-Power Technology) of the PIC18LF14k50. You can measure from milliseconds up to 99h.
The PCB does not have any power button, since the project’s approach is to use the XLP technology of the PIC. It only has two buttons: the start/mode button and the pause/stop button.

- 1x PCB
- 1x PIC18LF14K50
- 1x Green LED (0805 metrics)
- 11x NPN 600mA
- 10x 220 Ohm resistor (0805 metrics)
- 1x 100 Ohm resistor (0805 metrics)
- 11x 4K7 Ohm resistor (0805 metrics)
- 6x 10K Ohm resistor (0805 metrics)
- 1x Buzzer 5V
- 3x 0.1uF Capacitor (0805 metrics)
- 1x CR2032 Battery Holder
- 1x 4-Display 8 digits (3461AS)
- 2x Tactile Push Buttons
- 2x ZLLS410TA diode
- 1x Inverter IC (74LVC1G06GW,125)”

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